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Phat Cycles History

Phat Cycles is about cycling for leisure and pleasure. These are not bikes to push the boundaries of physical performance on a steep hill, and they won’t give you an adrenalin rush as you charge down a challenging mountain. Instead they’re for laid back riding, relaxed lifestyles, and enjoying life's pleasures.

The company is based in Huntington Beach in California. You would probably be able to guess that just by taking a brief glance at their range or their marketing material. The style of bike, the culture of the brand and the location of their headquarters is almost clichéd.

That description is meant affectionately as Phat Cycles makes a fantastic range of bikes that are respected and loved by their owners. They’re incredibly stylish with loads of different options to choose from. They are also well built so are durable and dependable. And they are affordable, making them the ideal choice if you want a bike for cruising. Because of their popularity they sell in large numbers, both new and pre-owned.

Today Phat Cycles is owned by Advanced Sports International, which is based in Philadelphia. Other bike brands in their stable include Fuji, SE, Kestrel and Breezer.

Range Of Phat Cycles Bikes

Phat Cycles has four main categories of bike - women's, men's, youth and family, and on the edge. There is some crossover between the categories, but in general they indicate the style of bike and target market.

• Women's - the women's range features a number of stylish and comfortable to ride cruisers. This includes the Del Rey, a bike with a high handlebar position, low step-through and comfortable saddle. Like all of the other bikes in the women's range of Phat Cycles it has a feet forward pedaling position. The Del Rey is available in single speed, three speed and seven speed options. Fat tire cruiser bikes are also available in the range (the Rogue), as well as a number of other stunning, classically styled cruiser bikes. They all have 26" wheels.

• Men's - the men's range of Phat Cycles is also stylish, and there are just as many options as the women's range. Many of the models crossover, with a Del Rey version available for men as well. It has many similar features, like internal cabling and comfortable saddles. The men's range also includes uniquely designed stretch bikes, chopper style bikes and 29ers.

Youth and family - this category features bikes in a range of different styles and sizes, making them suitable for people of all ages. There is the 26" Sea Wind which is available in male or female options in either single speed or six-speed. Male and female 24" versions are also available. You can even get 20" models that are suitable for even younger children.

• On the edge - this range of bikes has a more custom-bike feel, with stretch models and high rise, swept back handlebar designs.

Phat Bikes for Sale

At BikeExchange, we bring the marketplace to your computer or mobile device. We offer a wide assortment of Phat BMX, Mountain and Kids bikes for sale by independent bike shops and private sellers from all over the United States. Depending on the retailer and the product, you can make a purchase in one of several easy and convenient ways:

  • Click & Collect: Pay online and make arrangements to pick up the bike at the retail shop.

  • In-Store: Contact the retailer directly to make your own payment and collection arrangements.