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At BikeExchange, we have a range of quality rims for sale online. Browse our collection of rims spanning all standard sizes, brands, styles, and budgets. You’ll be sure to find high-end and inexpensive wheels online with us.

Rims are the functional outer edge of the wheel that holds the tire and tube in place. It forms part of the wheel of a bike that also includes the hub at the center providing the axis for rotation, the spokes that connect the hub to the outer rim, and little nuts that attach the spoke to the wheel called “nipples.”

When it comes to replacing the rims on your bikes, it’s always worth doing an audit of the whole wheel to see if it might be worth your while to invest in a new set. In large part, how a wheel rides and feels depends on the width and depth of the rim. Wide tends to equal both comfort and efficiency. A fresh pair of wheels can add a new lease to the life of your bike, making it feel almost like a brand-new one when you hit the road or mountainous terrain. It’s also a great way to add some flair with personalized wheels, components, and features that might complement your apparel.

It also keeps you safe. Riding around on worn rims, tires, and spokes can be a hazard and increase your risk of injury.

We have hundreds of different models of rims for sale, including whole-wheel solutions if you’re up for a total upgrade. Our independent retailers and private sellers allow you to purchase quality budget wheels and tires online at BikeExchange. Buy affordable rims now.

What are the different types of bicycle rims?

Bike rims come in a range of different materials though typically you’ll see aluminum, steel, alloy, and carbon these days. Strength and stiffness are different qualities that come into play not just with rims and wheels but with your bike frame as well. Strength is the amount of force required to bend the material to the point where it yields and does not return to its original shape. The stiffness of a material is how much it can bend or flex before breaking. Different materials will give you different combinations of both, and it will depend on the kind of bike you already have or the kind of riding you want to do. Luckily, we have a huge selection of materials and rims for sale at BikeExchange.

Aluminum rims are known for being strong and relatively lightweight, and they’ve been around for a while.

Steel rims are often found on older bikes and are heavier than their modern counterparts. They’re also usually fitted with chrome to help prevent rusting of the steel. Alloy rims are made of a composite of different materials that often result in a strengthened rim; however, the trade-off can be the weight of alloy rims. Carbon rims are a popular choice because of their sturdy, durable, and lightweight design; and they tend to be thicker. Shop online and browse our range of cool rims for sale today.

What size rim do I need for my bike?

When it comes to the size of the rim you need for your bike, you want to measure it against what you already have to ensure the right fit.

In most cases, you can find your wheel size in the bike’s specifications manual. Alternatively, you can check the bike details on the manufacturer or retailer website. There should be a specifications section where the wheel size is listed. Increasingly, you’ll find the measurement listed on your tire.

If you need to measure it yourself, you can take an internal measurement or an external measurement, or you can measure the outer circumference (the length) of your rim with a stiff tape measure.

For a deep dive, check out our blog post or select from our budget bike wheels and rims for sale if you know what you need.

When should I replace my bike rims?

When it comes time to replace your bike rims, you want to do it sooner rather than later to reduce any damage to the rest of your wheel or even your frame.

You can check the wear indicator on most rims as they wear from the pressure applied by the brake block on the surface of the rim. Grooves and holes are the most common types of sensors, making it easy to maintain your rims. At the center of the braking surface, a groove is added to the entire circumference of the rim, which becomes shallower over time. Another common wear indicator is a small hole in the sidewall, and you’ll know it’s time to replace the rim when this hole disappears. You can always opt to upgrade your whole wheel instead of needing to assemble its different parts, especially if you don’t have all the equipment you might need for the task.

When you’re ready, you know you can find a great deal with our extensive selection of rims for sale at BikeExchange. While you’re there, check out our great offers on bikes, from Bianchi bikes, Raleigh bikes, and Kona bikes, to electric bikes, kids bikes, and gravel bikes. Order bike rims online today.

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