Shimano WH-M980-TU-Set 29'' 2017

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WH-M980-29, XTR 29" F15/R12 Tubular (set)

Product Details

  • Riding Style: Trail
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Inflation: Tubular
  • Axle Type: Bolt Through


As their marquis mountain bike groupset, XTR always gets lavish attention from the Shimano product managers & engineers, but that doesn't always mean it gets the new tech first. Sometimes it gets trickle down from Dura-Ace. XTR Di2 is a good recent example, & so is this Shimano XTR WH-M980 29 Carbon Tubular Wheelset. What's the common gene here? Carbon-fiber is the answer. This is not Shimano's first carbon rim, but it is the first on the MTB side of their world. These limited edition XTR wheels are the lightest they've ever produced, & they give away nothing on race-day.

There's another detail that makes these wheels unique; the high-modulus carbon rim is designed for tubular tires. This is what makes it perfect for all-out racing applications. The rim is a 276g statement of elegance & pure efficiency. It's ├╝ber-light, yes. It is perhaps the lightest MTB rim we've seen. It also bears an asymmetric design that evens spoke tension from left to right. This helps transfer energy more efficiently whether accelerating or braking, creates more stability during hard cornering, & makes them more durable for season after season of hard racing.

The M980 wheels are laced with twenty eight 2.0/1.5/2.0 butted stainless steel spokes in a two-cross pattern, & aluminum nipples keep the rotational weight down to a minimum. They're tied to a 7075 T6 aluminum hubshell & axle, rolling on Shimano's finest angular contact bearings. This system is easily adjustable & allows you to set the bearing preload to absolute perfection where play is eliminated & drag is nonexistent. You won't find smoother bearings than these. The hub internals are protected from the elements with rubber contact seals & dust caps.

Shimano uses titanium for their XTR freehub body, & it offers quick engagement. It is compatible with 9- & 10-speed cassettes. The M980 wheels require Centerlock brake rotors & come with an XTR skewer when applicable. The rim width is 26mm, & it is recommended that you use 1.9 to 2.1" (48-54mm) tires. The wheelset weighs 1321g with a QR rear wheel or 1362g with a thru-axle rear.

The Shimano XTR WH-M980 29 Carbon Tubular Wheelset is World Cup proven & ready to dominate at your next big event.

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