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Specialized Deflect Uv Beanie 2017

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If you're like us, you have a strong distaste to sweat dripping down into your eyes while you're out just trying to have a good ride. & to make matters worse, adding sunblock into the mix just adds another ingredient into a recipe for temporary blindness & discomfort. What to do? Just wear our Deflect™ UV Beanie on your rides.

After all, while we hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, your hair isn't protecting your head from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. & if you're attempting to curb the aforementioned by swathing your hair in sunblock like it's the next hot new pomade, well, you need more than our help. Instead, our beanie provides a constant source of protection, UV 50+, while also keeping the sweat out of your eyes. Even better, because of its fine-as-silk VaporRize™ construction, this doesn't come at the expense of your comfort. In fact, many find the material to be cooling in warm conditions. So make the smart move, & maintain your diligence against the sun with Deflect™ UV Beanie.

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Even finer than silk, VaporRize™ microdenier fabric delivers unparalleled moisture transfer & UV protection.
Designed to be worn under a helmet, which minimizes bulk & ensures that your helmet's fit & position won't be compromised.
Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful, ultraviolet rays.