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Look 795 Aerolight Carbon Red Dura Ace 2017

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Product Description
Look Cycle - 795 Aerolight Pro Team Black Red
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11v Compact
Frame/Fork: 1.5K Carbon/Look HSC8 Aero Carbon Fork
Wheel: Mavic Aksium
Tire: Mavic Aksion 700X23
Headset: Look
Handlebar: Look ADH Carbon Ergo 31.8
Stem: Look Aerostem 31.8
Brake: Look Aerobrake Integrated
Shifter: Shimano Dura Ace ST-9000 11s
Front Der: Shimano Dura Ace FD.-9000
Rear Der: Shimano Dura Ace RD-9000
Chain: Shimano Dura Ace CN-9000 11s
Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace CS-9000 11s 11X28
Crank: Zed 2 Carbon 50/34
BB: Zed Specific 65 mm
Saddle: Selle Italia
Seatpost: Look Epost 2

30 years of experience in carbon and 10 years of experience in specific research conducted by our design department have made it possible today to introduce you to the most aerodynamic road bike ever built: the 795 Aerolight.

With its 11 patents, it is without doubt the bike that embodies the most technology. New 1.5k carbon frame with NACA* aerofoil section tubes, Aerostem carbon stem, ZED3 one-piece carbon crankset, new E-Post2 with Di2 battery mount, 100% integrated cable routing… all parts of the 795 Aerolight have been designed down to the last detail to offer you this extraordinary machine.

* National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, that was to become NASA, developed an aerodynamic section used especially in aeronautics

The 795 is one of this new generation of bikes that pushes the performance envelope even further. In addition to the qualities to be found on high-end bikes such as efficiency, light weight and comfort, the 795 boasts an additional advantage: aerodynamics. The many integrated features boasted by the 795 and increasingly precise carbon compositions mean that it is possible to build an aerodynamic road bike today without increasing weight. The 795 weighs the same as the highly efficient and renowned 695 while achieving much better aerodynamics. A complete bike can therefore happily keep within the 6.5 kg limit. In order to achieve truly improved aerodynamics, all tube sections have this teardrop shape (see diagram below) that reduces turbulence behind the tubes and helps maintain high speeds. Not only the seat tube and down tube, but also the head tube, fork and stays have been designed with this shape known as the NACA aerofoil, validated by aerodynamics engineers then wind-tunnel tested.

The 795 boasts fully integrated carbon AEROSTEM.

This stem is made of carbon, it is very light and above all it boasts aerodynamic properties since the traditional cap is replaced by a clamp. Advantages: the clamp screws are “concealed” behind the handlebar and the clamp is very thin. This feature, combined with a more fluid design, endow this stem with a better drag coefficient, hence its name: AEROSTEM.

Combined with the 795, it represents the best possible integration. In actual fact the adjustment range remains very wide: from + 17° to -13° which equates to 57 mm of adjustment for a length of 110 mm without hindering the integration.

The 795 is available with or without integrated brakes. In the version known as “AEROLIGHT” both sets of brakes are integrated, in the “LIGHT” version the brakes are conventional, i.e. located in front of the fork and at the top of the seat stays.

The front brakes on the 795 Aerolight, of the mechanical V-brake type, are located centrally in the fork legs in a housing that forms a window. This means that the calliper is fully concealed within the fork in order to achieve the best possible aerodynamics. The brake cable and sheath follow an exclusive routing since they enter under the stem to be routed inside it and “drop down” inside the steering tube to operate the calliper. External fitting is also possible however and the calliper may be operated from the left or from the right. The rear brakes are the Shimano Direct Mount standard, they are located under the chain stays and also feature integrated cable routing through the down tube and under the bottom bracket shell.

With the focus still on aerodynamics, mechanical and electrical cables on the 795 are routed in an entirely new way. The cables are collected at the front of the head tube so as to bypass the bearings and be distributed inside the frame. The rear derailleur cable emerges behind the hanger, and for an electronic configuration even junction A, which is usually housed under the stem, is built into the frame, behind the stem.

Note: on the AEROLIGHT model, the front brake cable can be routed either internally, in which case the sheath passes through the stem and the steering tube, or externally. In this case the sheath operates the front brakes from the outside either on the left or the right-hand side.

This new seatpost has been developed by retaining all the benefits of the first version: vibration absorbed through elastomers, anti-rotation, adjustable. Moreover it is more aerodynamic, 29% lighter (just 139 g!) and easier to adjust thanks to an all-new fixing system: all it needs is ½ a turn to lock or release it. Furthermore it is compatible with Monlink type saddles and standard saddles.

It is 100% one-piece carbon and weighs only 320 g in its aero version and complies with standard EN 14781 (144 joules frontal impact).

The tapered steering tube uses the CFD (Continuous Fibre Design) concept and enables the bearings to be located directly on the fork crown (oversize for 1½ inch bearings). The steering tube has 2 flats and is reinforced to take the Head fit 3 headset, dissociating headset adjustment from stem tightening. The headset’s adjustment is done by tightening the carbon ring on an offset thread locked onto the steering tube. It is now possible to change stem height without altering headset adjustment.

This arrangement does away with the compression kit, replaced by a simple cap. Weight savings: 40 g The 3rd generation of the Headfit is completely integrated into the head tube even further optimising steering precision.

The new version of the ZED crankset retains all the advantages of its predecessor (unequalled weight/stiffness ratio, the monobloc design giving it its Z shape, trilobe technology to vary the crank length) whilst being more aerodynamic.

This new model is available in three sizes to adapt to all body shapes and all uses. For greater easy of use it is no longer necessary to remove the bearings during removal.

Dropouts are compressed directly when moulding chain stays and seat stays. We thus obtain a ‘chain stays/wishbone/dropouts’ rear one-piece unit: better weight / reliability ratio.

Innovation and continuous product improvement are part of LOOK’s DNA. Accordingly, the 795 is naturally built using the most sophisticated carbon composition, based on very high modulus and 1.5K ultra-light carbon sheets.

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: Look
  • Category: Road Bikes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Black
  • Size CM: 54cm
  • Size: Medium
  • ID: 105273557
  • Material: Carbon
  • Groupset: Shimano Dura Ace
  • Braking Type: Rim Brakes
  • aero
  • integrated brakes
  • 11spd

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