Welcome to BikeExchange – your online marketplace for everything bike.

BikeExchange is where you can come to buy, sell or find bikes, bike parts, bike accessories, and more from around the country.

How does BikeExchange work?

On this single website you will find bike retailers nationwide along with thousands of private sellers. Just a few of our available options include:

  • Fully integrated e-Commerce stores, allowing online purchasing and prompt shipping.
  • Click and Collect, allowing you to purchase online and pick up your goods directly from the retailer.
  • Interest free terms are available on some items from select retailers using third party finance.
  • Contacting the store by email or phone to make your own payment and collection arrangements.
  • Check the product description on your goods to determine which options apply to your items

Our History

BikeExchange was founded in 2007 by childhood friends Sam Salter and Jason Wyatt who set out on the mission of creating an online hub for all things bicycles. Plenty has happened in the past ten years, and that small idea has grown into an international company with over 100 employees across eight countries. Today, BikeExchange is part of the MarketPlacer group.


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BikeExchange has teamed up with CyclingTips



CyclingTips is renowned the world-around as a premium quality editorial website that celebrates the beauty of road cycling and inspires cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.

BikeExchange Blog

The BikeExchange Blog is our way of sharing our passion for the sport. The goal of our dedicated editorial team is to provide genuinely helpful advice in order for you to find the product, know how to use it and love cycling as a result. If you're after information and advice, this blog is home to helpful buyer's guides, reviews, “how to”s and plenty more.

Welcome along – it’s great to have you on the ride.

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