Retail Membership Model

After much research and feedback from our Retail Members, BikeExchange is introducing a new 'Retail Membership' model to better service and support all Retail Members on our marketplace to ultimately sell more product.

This change is designed to reward all retail members; those who are achieving outstanding levels of inquiry with a fixed monthly cost; and those who can take advantage of 'unlimited ads' with a fixed monthly cost.


The new Retail Membership model in short will be a fixed monthly cost with no price increments. So whether you receive up to $200,000 or more of inquiry in a month you will now only pay the new fixed price of $199 per month, making BikeExchange the easiest, most convenient and cost effective way to advertise your business, online today.


From March 1, 2017, all existing accounts will now automatically migrate to this new Retail Membership plan so your ads stay live all month long.

For complete details about all our new Retail Membership plan, click here.

Now more than ever it’s important to take advantage of the unlimited amount of ads you can place on BikeExchange by effortlessly integrating your POS System to our new industry leading database.

Growth on Growth

Our traffic continues to grow at 50% per year and this will naturally increase the number of consumers we drive into Members bike stores. We are on track for over 5 million visitors to our site this year. We look forward to continuing to convert that traffic into new customers for you in 2017 and beyond.

**If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new membership pricing model, please contact our friendly customer service team at (949) 344 2616

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