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5 E-Bike Safety Tips

5 E-Bike Safety Tips

The current age is a time after the electric revolution. Every field has undergone an electric revamp and has escalated in the world due to digitization. Either it is banking or any other business, from communication to transportation, digitization has grabbed a room in it! From riding bicycles we evolved into driving motorcycles and look, today we have e-bikes! At first, the idea of electric bikes went waning. However, ahead of 2016 , this concept has received a warm welcome in the USA. E-bikes are a great source of transportation that packs affordability, sustainability, cost-saving, and reliability altogether!

E-bikes are the guardians of nature, fuel-efficient, and the best for health. Well, the thought of riding an e-bike seems thrilling, yet there are some concerns about its safety, too! If one misses on them, an individual may risk his/her life. It is pretty sure that you can have a blast on the road while you are riding an e-bike, and you can become a hero in the eyes of people! Most of the safety tips are the same that you follow while riding a standard bicycle. However, there are tips typically for riding e-bikes. In this article, find a summary of the five e-bikes safety tips that you will ensure each time you ride one!

1 - Wear Helmets at all times:

Often, people take this tip in reference to riding motorcycles! Whereas, it is necessary that they consider it even while riding an e-bike. Wearing a helmet is essential because it ensures the complete safety of one's head. Imagine you as an e-bike rider taking the utmost care of the security by avoiding accidental possibilities. However, if the driver opposite to you is either drunk or unconscious while driving, he may hit you harshly. It is better if you have worn a helmet to prevent you from a significant loss in an accident.

Also, the helmet protects you from the sun rays and the tough situations of the environment. In winters, the headgear makes you warm within. Suggesting you wear a helmet does not mean that you put on your basketball cap and go riding. It indicates that full-face helmets are only allowed! So, from now onwards, whenever you go to your e-bikes on the road, wear your helmet first.


2 - Use Warning Devices at all times:

Any e-bike comes with a set of some handy devices that might save you from an evil event. To name it, one, your e-bike lights, two your warning signals, and three the straps. Most of the horrible bicycle accidents happen in the dark. To avoid gloomy accidents at night, install lights in your e-bike. Equipping your e-bike with both a bell and a horn is an ideal way to warn pedestrians and car drivers separately yet effectively. You can use rok straps to tie the essentials at the back of your e-bike suitably. Falling off any of them might hurdle other vehicles on the road!


3 - Always be on the correct lane:

Some "so-called" e-bike dudes believe that riding an e-bike in the opposite lane to traffic is something heroic! Perhaps, a few of them think that riding an e-bike in front of the other cars will save them from adhering to a rear side accident. In my opinion, both of these concepts are illogical. Only 2% of the total accidents are rear-side type bicycle accidents. Also, riding in the opposite lane facing the cars coming to you is nothing heroic, but instead, proves you idiotic!

It is, therefore, advisable for an e-bike rider to always drive in the correct lane. In case you cannot match the speed limit of cars on the road, use the lane. It will make you more visible to the car drivers than you driving your e-bike on the extreme edge of the way. Secondly, you can be safe from the side collisions from opening the door of a car, or from a vehicle attempting to overtake your way. Any accidents on the road can make e-bike riders dead!


4 - Charge fully and know about the charging stations:

Charging your e-bike is one of the simplest things to keep in mind. Still, some people succeed in overlooking it. Before you kick start from your home or your office, make sure that your e-bike has a full charge. Failing to charge your e-bike fully can put you into trouble. Standard e-bikes with a 3kW battery run for 350-400 km at once. These are the modern e-bikes with higher efficiencies. Other e-bikes usually can travel up to 100-120 km in a single run charge.

If you have a simple city e-bike, it has a capacity to cover 50-60 km distance after charged once. According to the nature of your journey, you should charge your e-bike. If you have forgotten to charge your e-bike from ground zero, you must have knowledge about the charging stations midway. You can halt for a while and charge your e-bikes and continue with the rest of the journey. Download the details of community charging stations on your phone or search it through apps online or offline.


5 - Take care of your tires properly:

Unhealthy tires of your e-bike is not a good sign for traveling further. To make a complete combo of your e-bike and tires, you should keep them inflated. Not a single e-bike rider would wish to give up the grip on the road. Torn tires or tires with a bald surface may create friction. If you keep your e-bike tires inflated, they will furnish you with better control on your e-bike at a time of the collision. No matter how old your e-bike dates to, you must take care of your e-bike's tires and change them if the need arises meanwhile.


It is you who will face boon or bare from riding an e-bike hastily. Follow these five tips, and you will have the safest e-bike ride ever!