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ABUS: Art of the Craft

Not all bike locks are created equal, and nobody knows this better than ABUS. At ABUS, building locks the right way is of paramount importance. They don’t just build a lock for your bike, they create a veil of security between your prized possession and possible theft. Their production process has been refined through multiple generations of German engineering to produce the best lock that money can buy. The meticulous production process showcases the intricate care and thought applied to every lock they produce.


Love can be a complicated thing, but the love between you and your bike simple, and you want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, experienced bike thieves have other ideas. Lucky for you, ABUS’ parabolic, tempered-hardened steel shackle is designed to withstand even the most aggressive theft attempts and keep your favorite bike safe. However, producing locks that offer this level of protection isn’t easy, and requires a high level of expertise. Why does ABUS go through all this trouble? Because they know people love their bikes and it’s their job to protect them.


Your bike lock doesn’t magically disappear when you unlock your bike and start riding. We are all familiar with the frustration of lugging around a heavy lock that drives you crazy every time you hop on the bike. ABUS knows this frustration, and it is why they design their locks with sleek on-bike brackets that let you carry them with ease. They believe that locks should be there when you use them and out-of-mind when you don’t.


Consider that every year millions of bikes are stolen, and police statistics only show roughly ten percent of these cases are solved. Clearly, having a bullet-proof lock is the best way to avoid becoming an unfortunate statistic. However, going through the trouble of getting your lock around town and making sure it is locked up in the right space could all be for nothing if someone can easily get their hands on a duplicate key. With an ABUS lock, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than your lock working with another key. ABUS doesn’t just make a world-leading lock, they improve odds.


Flexibility and strength are usually considered conflicting qualities. To get one, you have to sacrifice the other. This is because tempering hardening steel gives it the strength to resist being cut, but it also makes the steel brittle. ABUS solves this problem by only temper-hardening the outside of the U-lock, which allows the shackle core to remain flexible without losing structural integrity. This thoughtful construction process is yet another example of how ABUS goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible product and proves that flexibility can also be a strength.

Whether you want a light, simple lock to provide your bike against theft while you grab a cup of coffee, or a heavy-duty lock that will protect your favorite ride against serious theft while you are hard at work, ABUS is there to deliver the perfectly crafted bike lock. From basic protection to high-tech locks, get ready to discover your dream lock with ABUS.