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5 Picturesque Cycling Spots in the US You Need To Try

5 Picturesque Cycling Spots in the US You Need To Try

Post written solely for BikeExchange by Paisley Hansen

If you are looking for your next cycling adventure, the US is full of exciting trails you have to try. There are spots for all levels of cyclists, and each with unique features to make them memorable. Whether you are looking for a mountain trail or scenic views, take advantage of these five spots for an unforgettable vacation.

The Alpine Loop

For the adrenaline junky looking for a challenge, look no further than the Alpine Loop in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This trail will have you feeling like you’re biking in the Alps due to the nature of the path and the challenges it presents. The loop extends over 50 miles and extends through two different high-elevations, so you may want to start your planning by picking a portion to get your feet wet. This road is 90% dirt, so be sure to bring your best mountain bike to get you through it safely. Before you go, keep a backup plan in mind should the weather change quickly.

Volcanoes National Park

Picture this, as you disembark from your Hawaii cruise, you unload your bike and start cycling along the path leading to the volcanoes. As the landscape of Hawaii surrounds you, you start to experience the dramatic views and history of the region in a way most never get to try. Be sure to bring a lock so you can chain up your bike to see some of the volcanoes and craters that are only accessible by foot. While planning for your trip, be sure to check if you need a permit for any portion of your travels to avoid any headache when you arrive.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is not a commonly known biking location. Many presume that due to both the altitude and nature of the park, bikes aren’t allowed and instead drive these scenic paths. However, there are many portions of the park that are open to bikes, weather permitting. Take advantage of some of these paths to get you to Going-to-the-Sun Road or Lake MacDonald. However, be careful of traffic when you stop for pictures of these breathtaking spots. Finally, before you arrive, be sure to check ahead for traffic and road conditions, the last thing you want for your ride is a lot of cars or a lot of construction.

Appalachian Bikeway

The Appalachian Trail is a famous hiking location; however, it is not open to cyclists. However, this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the challenge and beauty of this location. The Appalachian Bikeway provides you the opportunity to help you legally enjoy some of the excitement of the Appalachian Mountains. This path extends from Georgia to Maryland and is full of gorgeous views and interesting spots to rest for the night. If you are worried about how many supplies you need to carry, there are re-supply stops throughout the trail. Additionally, you can always do shorter portions to fit your travel schedule.

Denali National Park

When you think of Alaska, glaciers and snow are usually the first to spring to mind. However, this mountainous state is home to some incredible paths for biking. To get you started, head to Denali National Park, where all 92 miles of trails are open to bikers. This striking location offers routes for both single or multi-day trips. When planning, you will have to wait until late May for the park to open. For those willing to bear the cold, consider booking your travels for the end of the season in mid-to late-September. You may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights as you camp beneath the stars.

Wherever you go in the US, there are amazing spots that offer unique experiences. Before planning any biking trip, be sure to check the level of experience required. Finally, don’t forget your camera to help you document your travels and adventures on these one-of-a-kind trails.