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Fueling Champions: How Science in Sport Powers USA Cycling

May 15, 2018
Fueling Champions: How Science in Sport Powers USA Cycling

Science in Sport (SiS) has partnered with the USA Cycling program to provide fuel for the athletes as they pursue success on the international stage. USA Cycling, or USAC, comprises the United States' national cycling teams and supports the US riders as they pursue success in international competition. With a mission to achieve sustained success in international cycling competitions, they needed a nutrition partner that shared an equally ambitious scope. SiS proved to be a perfect match. SiS leverages their position as the world leader in endurance sports nutrition products to assist the performance of USAC athletes. Recent successes by the team in the velodrome and on the road, trail and BMX track, signals that the vast selection of energy, hydration and recovery products, and world-class knowledge offered by SiS makes them the perfect partner to any athlete looking for a nutritional product that works as hard as they do.

The range of products offered by SiS assists the world-class athletes of USAC as they train and compete at an extremely high level. The team used SiS products to power their performances at the recent track World Championships, and the promising results signaled the partnership with SiS. Now, their wide selection of nutrition products are helping the team in their build-up for Tokyo in 2020.

USAC athletes utilize the wide range of SiS products to get the most out of their bodies. These products include the GO Isotonic Energy Gels, GO Hydro, GO Electrolyte, and REGO Rapid Recovery formulas. This diverse range of products can be utilized for anything from delivering performance gains at the highest level to making you feel more comfortable on your weekly group ride.


GO Isotonic Energy Gels

The ability to get energy on the go is vitally important for any athlete competing at a high level, which is why USAC riders use GO Isotonic Energy Gels. The gels provide 22 grams of carbohydrates, can be taken without water, and meet the nutrition needs of high performing athletes head on. The gel is designed to digest rapidly and transfer from an athlete’s gut to muscles quickly while burning minimal energy. The isotonic formula is key to unlocking the potential of the gel due to its ability to transfer quickly and easily into energy since a small amount of fluid needs to be drawn into the stomach to dilute the gel, providing fast and easy energy. The ability to consume without water minimizes the bloated feeling that occurs when athletes are forced to over-drink when using traditional gels.

The GO Energy + Caffeine Gel utilizes the same innovative formula as the isotonic energy gel, but with 75 milligrams of caffeine. The addition of caffeine provides a much-needed boost of mental and physical energy during or before a competition. When USAC athletes don’t have time for a pre or mid-ride espresso, the GO Energy + Caffeine Gels serve as an easy substitute.


GO Hydro Tablets and GO Electrolyte Drink Mix

During intense training and racing efforts, the USAC riders lose valuable electrolytes through sweat. These precious electrolytes need to be replaced quickly to avoid dehydration, which correlates to increased heart rate and body temperature, along with significantly decreased performance. Even a slight reduction in body mass due to sweat loss can signal extreme dehydration. This dehydration also causes a decreased ability to concentrate and a degradation of an athletes’ cognitive performance. The margins between winning and losing are razor thin at the level highest level, and USAC riders can’t afford even the slightest dip in performance due to dehydration. Using the SiS GO Hydro tablets and GO Electrolyte drink mix before and during workouts and competition keeps riders’ hydration levels high and facilitates optimal performance.

With 36 grams of carbohydrate and added electrolytes, GO Electrolyte Powder gives riders the opportunity to hit both energy and hydration goals. The powder mix provides the body with an optimal amount of sodium to keep athletes hydrated during their training rides and competition. The mix easily dissolves in a water bottle and delivers fast hydration along with a supply of carbohydrates to keep their muscles fueled and firing on all cylinders.


The hydration needs of high-performance athletes can also be handled by the GO Hydro effervescent tablets. These are the ultimate low-calorie hydration supplement. These convenient effervescent tablets are easy to drop into water bottles to replenish key electrolytes lost through sweat. Once dissolved, the tablets taste great and are extremely effective for high-sweat rides. They can be used before and during rides, as well as in combination with GO Isotonic Energy Gels.

REGO Rapid Recovery

Recovery for USAC athletes is just as important as their rigorous training regimes. Proper recovery products help their bodies absorb difficult training, so the maximum can be gained from a period of hard work. The REGO Rapid Recovery is a powder designed to be dissolved in water to provide a quick, convenient shake that lets athletes take in all the nutrition they need after a training ride. The REGO formula is meant to be used in the short period immediately after a rider’s workout in finished.


This post-workout shake helps facilitate training adaptations and allows athletes to jump back into training feeling fresh and ready to go. During high-intensity training sessions, an athletes body uses up all its available carbohydrate stores. It is essential that these stores be replaced as quickly as possible, along with electrolytes lost through sweat, to prepare their bodies to train again. The REGO Rapid Recovery formula delivers fast digesting protein that helps rebuild muscle fibers and reduce muscle breakdown

While professional cyclists may compete at a higher level than you, your nutritional needs can be met with the same products and strategy they use. USAC athletes have used these nutritional products throughout training and have leveraged that to success in international competition. Even if you don’t plan on chasing success at Tokyo in 2020 yourself, their success can be a template for your personal fueling strategy and training program to ensure that your body’s nutritional needs are met while you strive towards your personal cycling goals.

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