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How the Feed is Changing Sports Nutrition

July 16, 2018
How the Feed is Changing Sports Nutrition

Every cyclist knows how important nutrition is for improving performance on the bike. However, finding the right products can be difficult for those who don’t know what to look for. Luckily, there is a resource that takes the guessing out of the equation and does the legwork for you.

Meet The Feed - a sports nutrition platform created by athletes who were tired of eating the same flavors over and over again, who wanted an easy and seamless way to shop for sports nutrition products, and who couldn’t choke down another stale, dry energy bar. Set on a quest to find a better way to fuel their own workouts, they discovered a whole world of passionate athletes who were making their own natural drink mixes, tasty energy bars, and protein packed pancakes. They built the Feed so other athletes can have on place to find these same great products.

In short, a program designed to make sports nutrition easy. They pick the best products for you and show you how and when to use them to give you a competitive edge.

The right bar, gel or sports drink can make the difference between a winning ride or left cramping on the side of the road. Researching and buying the right products can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why The Feed has done the work for you. Simply visit the site and use their live chat or email for personalized support as you browse their impressive selection of products.


Why Proper Fueling is Important

With flawed fueling strategies leading to vastly decreased cycling performances, and possibly a spoiled ride, the stakes are quite high in cycling nutrition. While there are many potential nutritional problems that can trip you up, the main culprits are bonking, dehydration, and gut rot.


“Bonking” or "hitting the wall" during an effort is a sudden and overwhelming feeling of running out of energy. You can be riding along at what seems like a manageable pace, then suddenly and without warning your legs turn to cement. The heavy legs - the body-wide feeling of fatigue and dizziness - means your pace has slowed to a crawl.

But, what is actually happening to your body when you bonk? Bonking happens due to a total glycogen depletion from your muscles and liver. Glycogen is the primary fuel source for endurance athletes. Severe glycogen depletion occurs during continuous exercise that is sustained for significant periods, usually more than an hour.

This can be prevented with several strategies. Consuming products that are heavy in carbohydrates before, during, and after rides can significantly reduce the odds of hitting the wall. There are a wide variety of high quality, and most importantly, tasty products available on The Feed that check all the anti-bonk boxes and keep you riding comfortably hour after hour.

The Maurten Drink Mix was developed around a patent-pending technology and will keep you riding all day without worry by delivering up to 80 grams of carbohydrates an hour in a single water bottle.



Dehydration is another major issue cyclists face. It occurs when you lose more fluid than you take in, and your body doesn't have enough to carry out its normal functions. Even though it is a very common issue, dehydration is more likely to occur during hard rides, especially on warmer days. It is vitally important to be conscious of water intake before and during rides since many people - especially those in the midst of strenuous rides - won’t feel thirsty until they are already dehydrated.

Selecting a drink mix that replenishes electrolytes and carbohydrates will ensure your body is functioning at a high level during your effort. Along with essential supplement nutrients, a drink mix can add a good-tasting flavor to your water, which will encourage you to drink more during efforts to keep dehydration at bay.

Gut Rot

Digestive issues, otherwise known as Gut Rot, is an issue that affects cyclists during long, intense rides. During long efforts like century rides and triathlons, fueling can be problematic as it is not easy to eat and drink while pushing the pace in these events. Since simply eating or drinking less and risking the chance of running out of energy isn’t an option, the optimal approach is choosing drink mix, gels and bars that work well with the specific needs of your body. To find the exact formula that works for you don’t be afraid to experiment with new products and make sure to test out new products on a training ride before a big event.


What The Feed Offers

Flavor fatigue is a real thing and can even hurt performance. While most e-commerce stores want you to buy a case of bars or a lifetime supply of protein powder, The Feed is the only place that lets you buy single servings of almost everything in stock at close to the same price as if you were buying in bulk.

There are many types of nutrition products out there, but if you’re busy and don’t have time to browse the near-endless selection of products, you’ll never find the right product for you. This is where The Feed’s selection, and in-house experts, become incredibly useful. You’ll have access to a highly curated library of products, including single-serving options that allow you to try out different brands and flavors to figure out what works best for you before making a commitment. The experts at The Feed have already done the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is visit the website and you will have access to a highly curated shopping experience.

The Feed has done the hard work for you and has a best-in-class selection of nutrition products. Not only do they provide a shopping platform that lays out a wide variety of products in an intuitive and clean display, but they also offer a subscription service so that you will always be stocked up with a variety of products without having to lift a finger. No more getting ready to leave the house for a training ride only to find out you are out of drink mix, only have stale energy bars, and a half-eaten package of chews.


Don’t Leave Your Nutrition Choices to Chance, Check Out The Feed Now

There is a great selection of hydration mixes, energy bars and gels featured on The Feed. Outside of products made specifically for consumption during activity, there is a fantastic suite of recovery products. Recovery is an essential part of training since your fitness gains come from periods of rest and recovery following intense training sessions, so to see significant gains and improvements make sure a well-selected recovery product is part of your routine.

Cycling nutrition is a complex subject that has immense importance on your cycling performance. You don’t want to leave such a key component to chance. Let The Feed handle potential nutrition issues with their broad range of products. Nearly all fueling issues can be solved with products featured on the site. Stop wasting time, energy and suffering through poor nutrition choices. The Feed has already fueled 100,000 athletes, so go to The Feed now to start your new-and-improved sports nutrition journey.