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Nutrition for Retailers - Simplified

February 13, 2019
Nutrition for Retailers - Simplified

There are two certainties in shop life:

1. Nutrition is complicated and time consuming to explain to a customer

2. You’re not going to put your kids through college with the profits from the nutrition section of your store.

It’s the nightmare scenario, and it happens several times a week in any bike shop.

A customer walks in and says, “I’m going on my first long ride, what do I do for nutrition?”

The employee is thinking to themself, “this is going to be a 20 minute talk that I KNOW my (well-intentioned) customer will screw up on the road, guaranteed, every time.”

Nutrition is hard to explain to a customer who is generally clueless about the subject. Nutrition does not have to be complicated. In fact, it better NOT be complicated, or it will not work over a long day in the saddle.

All that time wasted by your employee on long explanations instead of a simple, all-in-one nutrition solution. Drink and go, that’s it. A bottle an hour has everything you need to go on the longest rides with zero gels, food, salt pills, bars, rice cakes, etc.


Let’s compare how long it takes for your employee to sell the “system” of bars, gels and drinks versus INFINIT’s all-in-one isotonic nutrition solutions...

Method 1: The gels, bars, pills and drinks (“pocket full of stuff”) sales process.

Customer: “I’m going on my first long ride with my friends, what do I need to use for nutrition?”

Employee: “Well here is the wall of nutrition. As you can see, we have a zillion products for you to choose from. We have gels [Insert 5 minute explanation of gels and how you must use water after using a gel]… we also have energy bars [Insert 5 minute explanation of how you manage eating on a bike while also hydrating])… and we have drinks [insert 5 minute explanation on how most sports drinks are not made to be used with gels, food or salt pills without diluting with water]…

Customer: **Stares blankly at the wall**

Elapsed sale time 10-15 minutes.

Method 2: The INFINIT sales process

Customer: “I’m going on my first long ride with my friends, what do I need to use for nutrition?”

Employee: “Nice! That’s awesome, how long are you going for?”

Customer: “Probably 3-4 hours.”

Employee: “That sounds great and congratulations. Here’s GO FAR endurance fuel, an all-in-one drink mix that tastes great, has everything you need, and you won’t even get hungry. Mix up one serving per bottle. Take down a bottle per hour, and you’re good for as long as your legs can take you.”

Elapsed sale time 30 seconds.


INFINIT will save your employees time, make your store more efficient, and therefore more profitable.

No more long and complicated explanations. Instead, they can spend time asking if their bike needs a tune up, or if they need a new chamois. These are the activities that make a shop more profitable!

Think about what you could do with that extra 10-15 minutes. Multiply that by how many times it happens a week — Think of the hours and hours wasted by your employees explaining how to correctly use various gels, chews, salt pills, gummies, cakes and bars to a customer that knows nothing about nutrition.


Want happy customers? Want a more efficient and profitable store?

The solution is an all-in-one, easy to digest drink that is situationally formulated to have all your calories and electrolytes in one bottle. Simplicity is the key for your customer to have a great ride and come back to your shop a happy camper.

If you would like to request free samples of INFINIT and see how easy (and delicious) an isotonic all-in-one nutrition solution can be, click here.

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