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Backstage Pass 10 - a Case of "FHS" 

July 15, 2015

So it might have been a long, hard grind for the boys today, but stage 10 was a lot of fun for the Backstage Pass team!

When they weren't trading pull-out Orica-GreenEDGE banners for sausage sandwiches, they were catching up with some of the characters road-side that always make the Tour de France such a hoot.

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There's plenty of gob-smacking stunning scenery from today, the start of the hills. Adam Yates has done the team incredibly proud, coming in 7th overall and showing all the signs of a rider developing into a mature, cool-headed climbing sensation.

Durbo probably wasn't as keen to hit the mountains as his British teammate, heading to the bus with a case of FHS, or First Hills Syndrome. Like it.

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