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Scott Bikes

February 25, 2015
Scott Bikes

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It all started with some ski poles

As an engineer American Ed Scott created many technical advances in sports equipment. First came aluminium Ski Poles which in 1958 were a major leap over the bamboo and steel of the day. Scott then progressed into other equipment that both skiers and riders would wear.

in 1978 Scott expanded to Europe and then settled into headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland at that time. In 1989, SCOTT’s stroke of technical genius occurred again when he developed the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar. The handlebar was strategically utilized by American Greg LeMond in his 1989 Tour de France win. It was in the early 1990s, following the launch of SCOTT’s Unishock mountain bike suspension that the brand also ventured into the production of cycling shoes and helmets. Since then SCOTT has been linked to many a milestone – the world’s lightest full-suspension bike, the lightest frame on the road bike market, the lightest frame on the Tri market, the Genius MTB, the world’s lightest frame/shock combination, the (coveted) list goes on…

Great Scott, they’ve got the lot!

They sure do. For a business that started in the snow, SCOTT sure has entrenched itself as a mighty and major player in world cycling. SCOTT bikes include:

Bikes aside, SCOTT also covers biking accessories, with products including:

Green and Gold pride

Like, SCOTT is a very proud sponsor of Australia’s first World tour teams, Orica-GreenEDGE (men’s) and Orica-AIS (women’s). There is no doubting just what formidable teams both the men and women have (seemingly) instantly become – racking up podium places for major World Tour stages and titles, including the Tour de France, the Tour Down Under, Australian National Championships and more, more, more. Go Orica-GreenEDGE and Orica-AIS, you make SCOTT, and all your sponsors proud!

But it doesn’t stop there. SCOTT’s support and sponsorship of world-class riding reads like a who’s who in the various guises of cycling.

  • Team IAM Cycling (Grand Tour team)
  • SCOTT-Odlo Mountain Bike Racing
  • SCOTT 3Rox Racing (XC)
  • Triathlon Ironman Champions and Olympians including Luke McKenzie, Marino Vanhoenacker and Sarah Groff
  • Team HiTec Products (International Women’s Road team)
  • AISAN Racing Team (UCI Asian Tour team)
  • SCOTT SR Sun Tour Enduro Team
  • SCOTT Contessa (women’s lifestyle)
  • GSTAAD-SCOTT (downhill MTB)

2015 Scott Road Bikes

Addict 10, Addict 15, Addict 20, Addict 30, Addict SL, Addict Team Issue, Addict Team Issue Di2, CR1 10, CR1 20, CR1 30, Contessa Speedster 15, Contessa Speedster 25, Contessa Speedster 35, Contessa Speedster 45, Contessa Solace 15, Contessa Solace 25, Contessa Solace 35, Contessa Solace, Foil Premium Di2, Foil Team Issue, Foil 10, Speedster 20, Speedster 30, Speedster 40, Speedster 60, Solace 15 Disc, Solace 10, Solace 20, Solace 30

2015 Scott Road Bike Frames

Addict SL, Addict Team Issue, Foil Team Issue, Solace 10

2015 Scott Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Aspect 730, Aspect 740, Aspect 750, Aspect 930, Aspect 940, Aspect 950, Contessa Spark 700 RC, Contessa Scale 700 RC, Contessa Scale 710, Contessa Scale 720, Contessa Scale 730,Contessa Spark 700 RC, Contessa Spark 700, Contessa Spark Genius 700, Contessa Genius 710, Scale 700 RC, Scale 700 SL, Scale 700 Premium, Scale 710, Scale 720, Scale 730, Scale 735, Scale 940, Scale 750, Scale 760, Scale 770, Scale 900 RC, Scale 900 SL, Scale 900 Premium, Scale 910, Scale 920, Scale 930, Scale 935, Scale 940, Scale 950, 960, Scale 970, Spark 700 RC, Spark 710, Spark 720, Spark 730, Spark 740, Spark 750, Spark 760, Spark 900 SL, Spark 900 Premium, Spark 900 RC, Spark 91, Spark 920, Spark 930, Spark 930, Spark 940, Spark 950, Spark 960, Spark 700 Ultimate Di2, Spark 700 SL, Spark 700 Premium

2015 Scott Downhill Mountain

Gambler 710, Gambler 720, Gambler 730, Voltage FR 710, Voltage FR 720, Voltage FR 730

2015 Scott Trail Mountain Bikes

Contessa Genius 700, Contessa Genius 710, Genius 700 Tuned, Genius 700 Premium, Genius 710, Genius, 720, Genius 730, Genius 740, Genius 750, Genius 900 Tuned, Genius 910, Genius 930, Genius 950, 2015 Scott Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes

Voltage YZ 0.1, Voltage YZ 0.2, Voltage YZ 0.3 24

2015 Scott Enduro Mountain Bikes

Genius LT 700 Tuned, Genius LT 710, Genius LT 720

2015 Scott Mountain Bike Frames

Scale 70 RC, Scale 700 SL, Scale 710, Scale 900 SL, Scale 900 RC, Scale 910, Gambler 710, Genius LT 700 Tuned

2015 Scott Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes

Plasma Team Issue, Plasma Premium, Plasma 10, Plasma 20

2015 Scott Triathlon & Time Trial Bike Frames

Spark 700 RC, Spark 900 RC, Spark 900 SL, Spark 700 Ultimate Di2, Plasma Team Issue, Plasma 10,

2015 Scott Hybrid Bikes

Sportster 30 Men, Sportster 30 Solution, Sportster 40 Men, Sportster 40 Lady, Sportster 50 Men, Sportster 50 Lady

2015 Scott Urban Bikes

Sub Speed 10, Sub Speed 20, Sub Speed 30, Sub Speed 40, OTG 10

2015 Scott Kids Bikes

Contessa JR 12, Contessa JR 16 ,Contessa JR 20, Contessa JR 24, Contessa Walker Scale RC Junior 24, Scale JR 24, Scale JR 20, Sportster Junior 24, Voltage JR 12, Voltage JR 16, Voltage JR 20, Voltage JR 24, Voltage Walker

2015 Scott Fat Bikes

Scale Big ED