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7 Tips for Winter Bike Commuting: Stay Safe & Warm

7 Tips for Winter Bike Commuting: Stay Safe & Warm

Solely written for BikeExchange by Harold Whitford

Winter commuting is one of the daunting tasks worldwide. That is partly because of the extreme temperatures that have an impact on the transportation system. As a commuter, you have to find a way of keeping yourself warm and safe during such times. There are some ways, however, that you can protect yourself. In this article, I am going to mention seven tips that you need to observe to keep yourself warm and safe during winter commuting. I shall also touch on the maintenance of winter cycling at home. Read on for more tips and information.

1. Warm clothing.

The first way to fight off winter coldness is by putting on warm clothes. Adding layers of clothing to your existing jackets will be a great way to remain warm while cycling.

If you cannot manage to do so, then another way would be to put on two pieces of warm clothing. It will not only make you feel warm but also make it easier for the body to adjust to the prevailing temperature conditions. Always make sure that you layer the clothes with a thick material such as cotton or acrylic!

2. Wear thick gloves.

Do not forget your hands when doing bike commuting. Make sure that the gloves that you wear are warm and waterproof as well. If water seeps in through the gloves, then your fingers will be freezing soon! That is to mean that it shall be difficult to continue with the ride under such conditions.

If the handles grips of your bike are metallic, then it will even be advisable to put on heavy-duty gloves. Metal is an excellent conductor of cold, and hence you should protect yourself well!


3. Have some spare clothes.

You should always carry a spare jacket and gloves with you. In some instances, it may turn out to be extremely cold out there. During winter, the temperature can even fall to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. In such cases, it is advisable to have more than one spare clothing for bike riding. Remember to add a layer to the new cloth to help you keep warm and safe when you put it on!

4. The safety and warmth of your head matters a lot.

In most cases, the head is one of the body parts that remain uncovered. It is also through this part that a lot of heat is lost. Thirty percent of the heat that goes in the body is through the head! When going on a cycling trip, keep yourself warm and safe by wearing a cap under the helmet.

Some caps are large, and they can hinder you from putting on a helmet. It is, therefore, excellent to try it out first while indoors before embarking on the exercise.

There is a need to keep your head safe at all times as it can be affected by extreme temperatures.

5. Protect your eyes.

When you are riding during winter, it is most probable that you will encounter some heavy snow and wind. They can affect the eyes negatively if you do not protect them. Always make sure that you put on sunglasses when you are riding the bike in the field. Alternatively, you can wear a helmet that has glass protection as it will cover both the face and the eyes!

I would always refer you for more ways on how to protect your eyes while riding through harsh weather. You would not want to lose your sight in the midst of nowhere!


6. Leave the cold water at home.

Get an insulated water bottle and fill it with a hot substance such as tea or even milk. The trick will help to fight off the cold and to keep you warm and safe before you go for bike commuting. This is one of the tricks commonly used by most of the riders.

If you keep yourself warm before venturing into the fields, then your body will be ready for the exercise! Should that not be the case, then you may not do much during winter commuting!

7. Enjoy your expedition.

Several people might have told you in the past that commuting on a bike through the winter is a difficult task. However, it is all in the mindset of the rider. A bike riding in the winter is a beautiful and enjoyable thing to do! It is a source of adventure and experience.

If you enjoy the expedition, then you will find it even safe and warm to commute. Try it out with family and friends, and enjoy the ride together! How do you maintain indoor cycling fitness in the winter?

Sometimes, especially when the climate is not favorable, it is advisable to do your training indoors. At certain times, it can be too windy, foggy, cold, or even rainy, and this does not warrant outdoor riding. To maintain fitness, therefore, during such times, according to Exercise Bike Advisor you can try out any of the following procedures:

a) Invest in a bike trainer or even a coach. Such people will help you out with the training and help you keep fit at all times. These people have a lot of experience in bike riding during the cold season!

b) Ride inside the apartment. Do not let the cold weather affect your riding schedule. Create a sufficient riding space in your house that can handle your indoor riding needs.

c) Buy some large set of tires. Smaller ones are easy to ride with as it involves less energy to turn the pedal. On the other hand, bigger ones will force you to put on more pressure and effort on the pedals. It will help to maintain your physical fitness and readiness for riding even after the winter season.

d) Go against the flow. It will create resistance, and this will help you to push harder! In this way, you will enhance the training and hence keep yourself fit while riding during the winter season.

e) Try skiing. It is one of the winter season games. As you skid through the eyes, your body will remain fit throughout the season. The propulsion energy comes from the hands, while that of braking comes from the legs. It is this intense combination that helps to keep the body active for riding. The game is so involving, and it is one of the best for winter sporting.

Bike riding during winter is one of the difficult tasks for many people. However, as we have seen from the article. There are several ways with which you can keep warm and safe during such times. Remember to put on warm clothing at all times when riding out during the cold season.