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Over 92% of all consumers check the internet first before deciding to purchase something.

We are the US's largest bicycle marketplace with the aim of virtually connecting online customers back to the retail shops.

In the ever-evolving world of retail, we offer a state-of-the-art solution that helps US bicycle retailers take advantage of being online and to meet/advise customers on what (and where) to actively buy.

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brings the modern-day consumer to your front door!

In today's day and age, modern consumers want to find the best deals online with the flexibility and individuality of buying from a local shop. Here's where we help:


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How BikeExchange Supports Bicycle Dealers

Sell more with minimal effort

BikeExchange is the bike platform where brands, retailers, and consumers come together to create a unique shopping experience.

With more than 400 dealers in the United States and worldwide, over one thousand have signed up to be a part of our eCommerce platform.

We bundle hundreds of thousands of bicycle products from more than 700 brands on one platform. With a range of this size and informative guides and product descriptions, we make it easy for our customers to buy wheels and accessories the way they want them.

Database & API

Upload and update your inventory via API automatically

Multichannel Sales

Sell your products even during closed hours via e-Commerce

New Customers

Reach new customers, from beginners to pro cyclists, with your online inventory

The ROPO Effect

Even if consumers search and pick their desired product online, studies show 80% of consumers prefer to shop in stores. They do this because they want:

…to thoroughly inspect the product in person.

…to get their product assembled by professionals.

… to bring their product home immediately.

This effect is called "Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO)" and is becoming increasingly popular with the modern consumer.

How does it work?


Present your shop

Create your dealer profile and show you business how you want. Your shop, your image, your rules.


Connect your POS system

With our proprietary integration tool, we can integrate your POS system to your account and create product ads automatically as well as update prices and stocklevels daily.


Sell More

Your product is online - what else can you do? Simple! Answer customer inquiries, process orders online, and generate more sales.

NEW: BikeExchange Webstore

Design and create a new website with little effort

Using the same technology as BikeExchange, the new BikeExchange Webstore can integrate your full product range and allows you to create your own website, how you want it to look.

Starting at $69 per month

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Individual Design

Design your website using our Pagebuilder or easy-to-use Content Blocks.

Plug & Play connection

Integration your POS system and update your products daily.

Your Own Online Shop

With the e-commerce feature, you are ready to sell online immediately and stress-free.

We are the world's largest online marketplace for bikes

Start today and show your products in front of thousands of cycling enthusiats..

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