BMC History

BMC is a brand of bike that has built a solid reputation over the last two or three decades for building high performance racing machines. It’s a research and development company that works with some of the world's top cycling athletes, while also making bikes for lifestyle riders and weekend enthusiasts.

It’s a Swiss brand of bike, based in the Grenchen region of Switzerland. Two characteristics of the area influence every bike that they makes. The first is the industry that the area is commonly associated with - watch making. All BMC bikes are engineered and manufactured with watch-making levels of precision. The second Swiss influence on the brand is the mountainous landscape. From tortuous Tour de France climbs to on-the-edge downhill paths: BMC bikes can handle it all.

The company first started in 1986 and operated under a partnership with Raleigh. When this license agreement ended the company decided to form its own brand and make its own bikes. the brand as we now it today therefore began in 1994.

It got heavily involved in the sport of cycling in 2002 when it became bike suppliers and sponsors for the Phonak Cycling Team. This was largely due to BMC's new chairman, Andy Rihs, who owned the Phonak Group. They started to make waves in professional cycling, particularly with their time trial machines, but the first stage win in the Tour de France didn't come until 2005. This was followed up in 2011 when Cadel Evans won the Tour on a BMC bike. Since then they have also had success in other cycling disciplines, including the World XCO MTB Championship.

Off the track their bikes are loved by cycling enthusiasts all over the world. Their particular appeal is the undeniable build quality, attention to detail, and technical innovations that are features of every model.

BMC Bikes Range

Road bikes - there are five different styles of bike in the road bike range, with each one featuring a number of different models and price points. This includes Altitude bikes, Endurance bikes, Aero bikes, Track bikes, and Cross bikes. In general, BMC's road bikes are lightweight machines built for long, tough climbs, while their frames are also known for being stiff for responsiveness and balance on descents, in corners, and in sprint situations. A lot of work is also put into the pedal design and gearing to maximize the returns you get for the effort put in.

Mountain - the range of mountain bikes available includes CrossCountry, Trail, Allmountain, and Sport. There are models in the range suitable for professional riders competing in the world's most difficult events, through to models for recreational mountain bikers who go out a couple of times a month.

• Lifestyle - the Mountainroad series from BMC is designed for everyday living with performance parts, lightweight construction, comfortable riding position, versatility in design, and reliable construction.

BMC Sponsorship

BMC is involved with a range of professional cyclists and teams including the UCI World Tour BMC Racing Team, who were winners of the 2011 Tour de France. There is also the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team, the BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team, and the BMC Factory Trailcrew.