BMC. An acronym for Bicycle Manufacturing Company, the Swiss company was established in 1986 and is now one of the most reputable cycling brands throughout the world. The brand is recognized for producing premium bicycles and bicycle products and has a history of supplying bicycles to some of the world’s top performing athletes.

With a profound focus on research and development, BMC has been at the forefront of a number of world-leading innovations within the industry. Through an in-house research and development facility known as ‘The Impec Lab’, BMC refines design and technology practices and implements them throughout the manufacturing process. Tuned Compliant Concept (TCC), Micro Travel Technology (MTT) and Dual Transmission Integration (DTi) are just a few innovations from recent years that also show BMC’s love for acronyms.

BMC Bikes

The range of bikes in the BMC stable cover a number of different riding disciplines, with each series meticulously engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards

Road Bikes

BMC road bikes are divided into three main categories, the Altitude, Aero, and Endurance series. Learn more about these on our BMC road bikes page.

In addition to the three main series, the Swiss brand has long offered options for cyclocross riders. The cross’ range is designed with versatility in mind, able to tackle everything from flat out mud racing, light off-road duties, commuting to on-road bunch rides.

Mountain Bikes

The brand has developed one of the most extensive, high performing mountain bike ranges available on the market. Catering to the demands of different off-road disciplines with careful attention to detail. The primary mountain bike specific ranges offered by BMC include their ‘Cross-Country Series’, ‘Trail Series’, ‘All Mountain Series’ and ‘Sport Series’. Together, these ranges feature build options to suit the off-road demands of riders of all levels and abilities, including the likes of the world’s most winningest cross country racer, Julien Absalon.

Lifestyle Bikes

The brand’s lifestyle range is aimed at accommodating the preferences of the broader riding population, prioritizing versatility, reliability and all-around everyday performance. Utilizing road disc brakes for greater control and stability, the ‘Alpenchallenge’ is available in a range of different build options to suit just about any rider’s lifestyle.

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