Bontrager Cycling products



Although Bontrager is now part of the Trek Bicycle Corporation, its origins can be traced back to 1979 when founder Keith Bontrager built his first mountain bike. As an avid motocross racer in the 60’s and 70’s, Bontrager naturally gravitated towards the sport of mountain biking thanks to the similarities in equipment used and the culture of the two sports.

In 1980, Bontrager entered the market as a bike manufacturing company, operating out of Keith’s garage in Santa Cruz, California. The brand quickly gained a solid reputation amongst the mountain bike community thanks to the incredibly lightweight, durable and reliable bike frames and components being produced, something remains at the foundation of Bontrager cycling products to this day.

Keith Bontrager himself may be best known for a famous saying that stands the test of time across the cycling industry, “Cheap, Light or Strong – Pick Two”.

Bontrager’s Products

The Bontrager product range is extensive, covering just about all bases in the cycling industry, the current line-up of products is best split into three main categories;


In recent years, the Bontrager brand has made huge strides in its component offerings and is what you’ll find on just about any Trek bicycle sold today. Of note, the brand’s saddles, wheels, and tires go through enormous amounts of research and product development – to a point that only a small handful of brands have the budgets to compete with.


The range of accessories on offer is vast, with a raft of products available to suit just about any application on a bicycle. The range of bike lights is particularly noteworthy, with Bontrager being a strong advocate for rider safety. The safety approach reaches all the way up to professional level with the Segafredo-Trek squad running daytime lights on the teams' race bikes to highlight the importance of being safe and seen whilst riding.

For more information on choosing bike lights and the benefits of daytime running lights head on over to our editorial section.


With a focus on rider safety, the range of clothing on offer features a number of highly reflective, eye-catching colors and designs across all of its garments, ensuring riders are visible when out riding.

In addition to clothing, Bontrager’s range of helmets and shoes is impressive, favored by many riders thanks to the premium quality, safety and comfort provided.

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