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Camelbak History

Camelbak manufactures a range of hydration packs, water bottles, and other drinking related sports equipment. It has gone from IV bags, sports socks, and motorcycle-riding salesmen to a widely respected company making products that keep athletes hydrated in the harshest of conditions.

The idea for hydration packs came in 1988 when cyclist Michael Eidson was preparing to compete in a tough summer race. Today there are lots of options for cyclists getting ready to ride in these sorts of hot conditions, but for Eidson his only option was a water bottle in a cage on his bike’s frame. His water intake would be high, and the opportunities to refill the bottle would be rare, so he came up with a better solution that would allow him to carry more water.

His makeshift solution has gone down in endurance-cycling history. He filled an IV bag with water, put it into a sports sock, attached a hose which he pinned to his jersey, and fixed it onto his back. He could now carry more water, and he could drink through the tube without using his hands.

It was a crazy idea, but it worked. Using this concept commercial products were made, and a new member of the fledgling young company, Jeff Wemmer, rode around the US on a motorcycle selling the hydration packs to bike shops.

Today the company has a well-established and extensive product range, and is highly respected in the industry. From the very beginning it has been innovative, and that continues to this day.

Hydration Packs and water bottles for bikes remain its main product, but it also produces similar products for other outdoor activities including running and winter sports.

Camelbak Hydration Packs Range

Camelbak offers a wide range of hydration products but it is most famous for its hydration packs. They are worn on your back, and have room to carry your gear. Some of the packs have a 15 liter capacity, so can carry quite a lot, while others are designed to be smaller and lighter so have a lower capacity. It is the water reservoir that makes Camelbak hydration packs so popular, though. The water is carried in a reservoir as part of the pack, and typically has a capacity of two or three liters. This is much more than a standard water bottle can hold, making the packs ideal for hot conditions. A tube is connected to the reservoir and runs up the pack's shoulder strap allowing you to drink without taking your hands off the bars.

Other products in the Camelbak range include hydration packs for outdoor pursuits, running, and winter sports. They also supply water bottles up to one liter in capacity, water purification products, filtration products, and travel mugs. There are also accessories available for people who already own products in the range including spare parts, cleaning kits, and replacement filters.

Camelbak Sponsorship

Camelbak is an official team sponsor for Team UR, a a professional mountain biking team that competes in the Enduro World Series, the FMB World Series, and a number of other prestigious events. Camelbak also supports several individual competitive cyclists.

Camelbak Hydration Packs and Water Bottles for Sale

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