Cervelo Cycling products


Cervélo Cycling Products

Loosely translating to ‘Bike Brain’, the Cervélo name encompasses what the company is all about. Founded by two engineers, Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, the duo put their bike-brains together to create a new brand with the goal of engineering the fastest, most aerodynamic bikes anyone had ever seen.

In 1995, former Road World Champion, Gianni Bugno approached the pair and asked them to design him the “fastest time trial bike ever”. The duo came up with the goods and whilst It tested extremely well, it wasn’t a hit with Bugno’s sponsors and as such was never raced, but they had proven that they could do it. The duo then went on to rework the concept, designing a practical TT machine that outperformed its competitors both in wind tunnel testing and out on the road.

From these wind cheating roots, the engineering based focus still remains on aero efficiency at Cervélo, with many of its offerings extensively tested and developed using computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing. The end result is a fleet of bikes with an optimum combination of aerodynamics, stiffness, lightness and comfort.


Aiming at the top end of the market, the goal has always been to create high-performance bikes suited specifically to competition both on the road and on the track. For more information on ride options, see our dedicated Cervélo road and triathlon bike pages

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