Continental Cycling products


Continental Cycling Products

Established in 1871, German company Continental is a pioneer in the manufacture and development of bicycle tires. Transferring technological advancements found in its successful automotive arm has been integral to the company’s continued success in the cycling industry.

Innovation and Technology

Continental develops all of its tires in house and are continually searching for efficiency gains across its vast range of tires. Notable innovations include ProTection reinforced sidewall technology and the company’s Black Chili compound. Used in both on and off-road models, Black Chili combines the latest in advanced silica and polymer technology with raw materials to make a rubber compound that improves grip and rolling resistance without sacrificing durability.

Continental Bicycle Tires

Continental offers a vast range of tires, tubes and sealant to suit just about any riding discipline and wheel size.

The brand’s extremely popular GP4000s II road bike tires are revered as a gold standard, adorning the wheels of riders of all abilities and are notably favored by riders and teams in the WorldTour peloton.

Mountain bike and touring tires are also extremely popular thanks to impressive puncture resistance coupled with impressive traction. For the touring tires, Continental’s high mileage durability is highly favored too.

The versatile catalog also includes cyclocross, urban, and triathlon offerings, sure to suit any rider's personal preference.

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