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Day 6 Bicycles

The Day 6 bicycle is a semi- recumbent bike. It is a new breed of bicycle that is a cross between a recumbent and a comfort bike.

It was designed to meet the needs of riders that want to pedal with the maximum efficiency and still have a seat and riding position that offers the most comfort and back support.

The original designer of the Day 6 bicycle is an avid bike rider with a bad back and this design enables him to ride in comfort. It also addresses the issue of sore butts and knees that plague some riders.

The wheelbase is a bit longer than a more conventional bike due to the pedal forward design. This helps to cushion the ride but does have some small effect on handling that I found to be insignificant. Other than the frame and the seat all of the components are standard and readily available.

There is a choice of seats including the Velo which is a sportier more conventional seat, the Contour which is 11"wide with more padding, and the Bench seat which is a full 17" wide. All seats include a seat back that is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically. I honestly don't know how the seat could be more comfortable.

What’s great about the Day6 bicycle is that you’re in this relaxed riding position, so there is no pressure on your hands or shoulders. When climbing a hill, I found that it to be easy, all I had to do was drop to an easy gear, push back against the seat/back rest and let the bike do its thing.