ENVE Cycling products


History of Enve

Enve is a bike components manufacturer based in Utah, USA. It specializes in manufacturing high-performance components, particularly carbon fiber wheels. Its parent company is Amer Sports, the Finnish sports equipment company that owns many other leading sports brands. This includes the cycling brand Mavic as well as other sports brands like Wilson Sporting Goods.

Enve was founded in 2007 and from the beginning it focused most of its efforts on research and development. This led to high demand for its products to the point that the manufacturing arm of the company sometimes can't keep up with the demand for its range. You can, however, find an excellent selection of Enve products on Bike Exchange, the marketplace for everything bike. This includes Enve's range of wheels.

While the range from Enve includes components like handlebars, seat posts, and stems as well as gear like apparel, accessories, and decals, much of the research and innovation from the company is in its wheel designs.

It is a brand respected for making some of the toughest wheels on the market. In fact, it offers a loyalty guarantee to the original owner of an Enve wheel - if it ever (without time limitation) gets damaged through normal riding, however rigorous, you get 50 percent off the replacement.

To give you an idea of the focus Enve has on wheel strength, you just have to look at the way it creates the holes in its rims to fit spokes and valves. The normal - and easy - way to do this is to simply cut a hole in the carbon fiber. However, carbon fiber products are made up of thousands of fibers packed and wound together. When you cut through the rim you, therefore, cut through the fibers, making them weaker. Enve's approach is to mold the fibers to create the hole. As none of the individual fibers are cut, none are broken, and the wheel is stronger.

Enve Product Range

Wheels - Enve manufacturers wheels for a range of different cycling disciplines including mountain bike (M Series and M Series Plus), road (SES and SES Disc), triathlon (SES and SES Disc), and cyclocross (CX). In addition, it also makes limited edition wheels.

• Handlebars - sweep bars, riser bars, downhill bars, road bars, aero bars, and TT bars.

• Other bike components - seat posts, hubs, stems, and hubs

• Accessories - computer mounts, water bottle cages, water bottles, brake pads, decals, and more.

• Apparel - mountain jerseys, cycle kits, winter caps, compression socks, and leisure wear.

Enve Sponsorship

Enve has a long history of supporting the sport of cycling through sponsorship of individual riders and cycling teams.

The cycling teams come from all the major disciplines including road racing, mountain bike, and cyclocross. The flagship team is the UCI World Tour team Dimension Data. It’s the African based cycling team that competes at the Tour de France and other major road racing events around the world.

The mountain bike teams that Enve sponsors includes Cannondale Factory Racing, The Syndicate, Cannondale 360Fly, and The Nomads. It also sponsors Speedvagen Family Racing (cyclocross), Intermountain Live Well (road), TeamSport for Good (triathlon), and Maverick Multisport (triathlon).

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