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It might sound like a tired cliche, but bikes have taken me everywhere in life. It was my love of riding and seeking somewhere warm to ride that first brought me from Michigan to Austin, Texas. From there, I ended up becoming a BMX pro for almost 20 years. I got to travel all over the world to ride amazing places. I met wonderful people and saw sides of life I would have never seen otherwise. Following my love for bikes truly changed and expanded my life. There’s some simple joy in bike riding that has me hooked and has never dimmed. Even after all these years of pedaling, after turning riding into my “job,” and now finding myself guiding a bike brand I still feel it. It’s that “certain something” in bicycling that I want to pass on. Bike riding doesn’t have to be your passion or take over your life for you to enjoy it. It is our goal at Fairdale to build bikes that can translate some of that undefinable magic in cycling to you, the rider.

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