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Felt Cycling products


About Felt Bikes

Felt is an American bike manufacturer. The company has its roots in world class triathlon events, but it has grown from that and today makes a wide range of respected models including road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, fitness bikes, and more.

The company was founded in 1994 by Jim Felt, a motorcycle mechanic. He was involved in motocross and was asked by one of the leading motocross riders of the time, Johnny O'Mara, to make him a bike to compete in triathlons. This was about 10 years before he started Felt Bikes.

The bike he built for O'Mara helped the motocross star to actually win competitive triathlon events. This got the attention of other racers, and soon Felt was making lots of triathlon bikes. Eventually he went into full-scale production, started the company, and set to work building his brand.

That brand is one that has brought many innovations to the world of cycling, particularly in triathlon and TT-style bikes. Felt Bikes has also seen success in other bike racing disciplines, including the grand tours, road racing's toughest competitions.

It continues to support riders and remains at the cutting edge of performance bike design, but it is also renowned as a manufacturer of bikes for all abilities and requirements. This includes offering attractive options for non-cyclists to encourage them to take up cycling for fitness reasons, and to protect the environment.

Range Of Felt Bikes

Felt makes a wide range of bikes in various price categories and styles. Its history is one that is heavily influenced by competitive cycling, but it also makes bikes for the casual and recreational cyclist. The range includes:

Road bikes - for amateur and professional riders alike. Road bikes built by Felt have had success in some of the most famous races in the world, including stage wins in the three grand tours.

TT / Triathlon _- this is the style of bike that started Felt, and it continues to make high quality - and competitive - models today.

Cyclocross - bikes that are equally comfortable on a world class track as they are bumping over kerbs, potholes, and variable terrain on an urban commute.

Track - bikes built for maximum speed that are used in Olympic and world championship level competitions.

Mountain - bikes for all types of mountain bike competition, including XC, enduro, and downhill.

Fitness - lightweight bikes designed to build your fitness over the hills and long distance rides.

Lifestyle - for more casual, everyday riding.

Cruiser - uniquely styled bikes that are built for comfort riding and can handle a variety of different road surfaces.

• Electric - power assisted bikes to make cycling more comfortable, whatever the conditions or your level of fitness.

Felt Bikes Sponsorship

Felt is involved with a number of individual athletes and cycling teams. This includes the UCI Continental teams Hincapie Racing and Team Twenty16 P/B Sho-Air. It also supports the Habitat MTB team. In terms of individual riders, the company stays close to its roots by supporting a number of triathlon athletes, as well as track, road, cyclocross, and mountain bike athletes.

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