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History of Focus Bikes

Focus Bikes is a German brand of bikes. Its roots are in the sport of cycling, and it still produces a wide range of high performance machines. It has a diverse and varied range of products to choose from though, with options to suit all styles of rider, and people with varying levels of fitness. There are even electrically powered models in the range.

The company was founded by the word champion cyclocross athlete Mike Kluge. He set up Focus Bikes in 1992 to push the boundaries of cycling technology in order to improve performance. The company is based in Cloppenburg in Germany.

The company started close to Kluge's off-road roots, but it was soon making a full range of bikes. By 2003 it was making road racing bikes, and in 2008 it started to make triathlon and TT bikes.

All of the bikes in the range are notable for their precision German engineering and close attention to detail.

Focus Bikes is now a recognized and respected cycling brand around the world, with many of its bikes picking up design awards. It is also heavily involved in the sport of cycling through its sponsorship of a number of high profile teams and riders. This connection with cycling at the highest level enables it to continue to innovate and improve its product range.

Range Of Focus Bikes

Focus Bikes makes a wide range of bikes, so there is sure to be one to suit all riding styles and requirements. This includes:

Road bikes - this range of bikes is designed and built through collaborations with professional riders and experienced Focus Bikes engineers. The range includes professional level racing bikes as well as performance machines suitable for weekend sportive racing. Endurance and aero bikes are also part of the range.

Cyclocross - cyclocross is the discipline in which the founder of Focus Bikes achieved such great success, so there is no surprise that it is a key part of the brand's line-up. The cyclocross bikes made by Focus Bikes have key features that make them perfect for the sport: flat-oval top tubes for easy shoulder carrying; good ground clearance; sturdy construction; and more.

Mountain Bike - the Focus Bikes range of mountain bikes includes options designed for trail, race and sport. Trail bikes are for everyone, and are designed to handle whatever nature throws at you on whatever path you decide to take. The sport option is designed for slightly more relaxed riding, while the race option is for competitive riding.

The company also offers electric, urban, and commuter bikes, as well as bikes designed specifically for women.

Focus Bikes Sponsorship

Focus Bikes is involved with a number of cycling teams and individual athletes. This includes:

• AG2R La Mondiale - a professional team that competes around the world, including on the three grand tours. In recent years it has picked up several grand tour stage victories with riders using Focus Bikes.

• Focus XC Team - a world championship winning cross country team.

• Focus Trail Team - another successful mountain bike team that includes the German national champion, Fabian Scholz.

• Focus CX Team - a new but promising cyclocross team.

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