Haibike Bikes


About Haibike

Haibike is a German brand of bikes that produces a wide range of models, including mountain bikes and road bikes. It is best known, however, for its electric bikes. Although it is a style of bike that is in its infancy, Haibike has moved the technology and design of electric bikes forward considerably.

The range of electric bikes that it produces is not the traditional variety that you see used by commuters in major cities and urban areas. Instead they are built for hard cycling on any terrain, where you combine pedal power with motor power to enable you to go places that you never thought a bike could go.

The journey for Haibike started in 1996 when the brand was established in Germany by Susanne and Felix Puello. Over the next 10 to 15 years it produced a wide range of bikes with a significant focus on mountain bikes. It brought new innovations to mountain bike design, and it got involved in the sport through the sponsorship of a number of riders and involvement with several teams.

In 2010 the company launched a new bike, and introduced the world to a new bike genre – the ePerformance bike. The bike was launched at Eurobike 2010 and was designed with go-anywhere mountain bike characteristics combined with an inverted motor.

Haibike still produces pedal-only bikes, which it sells in several countries, but the ePerformance bikes are the most widely known in Europe and the USA. They are award-winning, and Haibike continues to bring out new innovations such as lighter power packs, more integrated and visually appealing motors, and carbon fiber frames.

Range Of Haibike bikes

Haibike is most famous for its range of ePerformance bikes. There are two main models - the original XDURO, which is powered by a Bosch motor, and the younger and more flighty SDURO, powered by a Yamaha motor.

These bikes are designed to blur the lines between motorcycles and bicycles. They are built for people who want to push the limits of bike and rider performance.

The frames come in either aluminum or carbon fiber. They are based on a mountain bike design but have been modified so that the power pack and motor are more integrated and efficient. The motors support speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, depending on the model, and some have displays that feature music players and satellite navigation.

Within the range of XDURO and SDURO bikes there are a number of variations:

• Downhill/Enduro - Downhill, Enduro, and AllMountain • Offroad - Fully, Hardtail, 29er, and Fat • Tour - Cross and Trekking • Urban Road - Race and Urban

In addition, Haibike also offers traditional pedal-only bikes in some markets. This includes mountain bikes and race bikes. The range also features specially designed mountain bikes for female riders and children.

Haibike Sponsorships

Haibike is involved with a number of mountain bike teams and individual riders. This includes the MTB World Cup team Haibike ProTeam Oetztal, as well as amateur and junior teams.

It is also involved in the emerging sport of ePerformance biking, and has a number of well-known riders on its team.

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