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Founded in 1978 by Bob Haro and originally branded as Haro Designs, the company got its start by making BMX number plates out of Bob’s garage in California. Pretty soon word caught on that Haro’s plates were the must-have addition to any serious riders bike, which left Bob Haro struggling to keep up with the demand.

Five years later, Haro Designs expanded from its roots, releasing its first line of freestyle BMX bikes, the Haro Sport, and the elite competitive model the Haro Master. The bikes featured an innovative frame design that would prove to be a hit with consumers, with many rivals imitating the design in the years that followed.

Over the years, Haro Bikes changed hands a number of times, with original founder, Bob Haro leaving the business in ’88 to build a graphic design company. Although the company changed hands, throughout the '80s, ‘90s, and 2000s, Haro would continue to dominate the International Freestyle BMX competitive circuit.

Move into the present day and Haro and have since ventured into the world of mountain bikes as well as continuing to offer a range of freestyle, kids and race BMX bikes.

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