IZIP Cycling products


About IZIP

IZIP makes electric bikes that are designed to make riding more accessible, fun, and efficient. There are a number of different models in the range designed for particular uses. Each one is exceptionally well built with attractive designs that rival any pedal-only bikes available on the market.

IZIP is an American brand. It was founded in 2005 to make pedal-assisted bikes, making it the oldest eBike brand in the USA. It is also one of the largest, supplying bikes across the country and elsewhere in the world.

The range of bikes is designed to make cycling more fun. There are models designed for commuters who have tough hills on their route to work every day and recreational cyclists who want to ride for several hours at the weekend in relaxing fun. There are also models designed for getting off the pavement and onto the trails, with the electric engines helping you to go further and reach higher than you thought possible.

Power-assisted bikes are a growing industry and IZIP has been at the forefront of design and technical innovation for over a decade now.

Range Of IZIP Bikes

All of the bikes in the IZIP range have electric motors so they are all pedal power assisted bikes. There are three distinct categories however, depending on the style of riding that you plan to do:

Trail - the IZIP trail eBikes are designed to handle any sort of terrain. They have motors that deliver the perfect combination of torque, power, and control so that you can power up hills, roll over obstacles, and cruise down the trail. All of the bikes in the trail range have chunky tires for maximum grip, but there is also a fat-tire option that can handle even tougher conditions, including sand and deep lose dirt. As for speed, some of the models will hit 28mph when both you and the machine are working hard.

• Leisure - the IZIP leisure range of bikes is all about the love of cycling. They are stylish and easy to ride - in fact you could spend the entire day on one of these bikes, whatever your level of fitness. The batteries in the various models are all long life, and there are a number of different styles in the range. This includes men's and women's options, models with a low step-through, and options with carriers on the front and/or the back.

Pavement - the IZIP pavement range is designed for those who want something a bit speedier than the laid back leisure cycles. They are particularly popular with city commuters, combining battery life, rider comfort, speed, and versatility. They can be used in all weather conditions, and are designed to get you to work, the shops, or to lunch with friends quickly, easily, and without the sweat and strain on the lungs that is often associated with a traditional pedal powered bike.

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