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About KHS

KHS is an American brand of bike with an extensive range covering just about every style - road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, comfort bikes, commuter bikes, and fitness bikes. They even make specialty bikes like tandem and folding models. It is a brand that is now well into its fourth decade of operation and today sells bikes across the US and in over 30 countries around the world.

The company was founded in 1974. When it first began it was involved in the manufacture of a number of products including musical instruments and motorbikes, but today it is firmly a bicycle brand. It is based in America, and is known as an American brand, but the ultimate owner of the company is in Taiwan. The bikes that it sells are also made in Taiwan, much like most other leading brands of US bike.

The range of bikes that it offers is extensive, and all are known for their good build quality and affordable prices. The company is also involved the sport of cycling through its RACER programme. In addition it sponsors individual athletes and teams in cyclocross, road racing, and mountain bike disciplines.

KHS has also won several awards for its range of bikes, including Mountain Bike Magazine's Bike of the Year Award.

In addition to the KHS branded bikes that the company offers they also have the Free Agent BMX brand, and the Manhattan Cruisers brand.

Range Of KHS Bikes

Road bikes - this category includes a wide range of models with varying pricing levels and specifications. The sub categories include Racing, Performance, Sport, Specialty (such as TT bikes), and Cross.

Mountain bikes - these are among the most well-known and popular bikes in the KHS range. There is a full range of options to choose from including Gravity, Enduro, Trail, XC Race, XC Sport, and Ultrasport. You will also find 29ers and leisure mountain bikes.

Fat bike - the Four Season range of fat bikes from KHS are built with top quality components and come with extra-large tires to handle any sort of terrain.

• Comfort - the Comfort range is built for a more leisurely style of cycling. The riding position of these bikes is more upright and relaxed, and the pedals are more forward than in other styles of bike.

Commuter - the Commuter range includes city and urban bikes designed for comfortable, speedy riding in urban environments. The upright seating position gives good visibility, plus many of the models have features like extra-comfortable saddles and carriers.

Fitness - the range of fitness bikes are designed to give a similar riding experience as road bikes, but without the often uncomfortable, almost horizontal riding position. As a result the handlebars are higher. The price point is also kept lower on these models compared to road bikes.

Youth - a range of bikes for children in varying styles

Specialty - tandem bikes, folding bikes, and trikes

KHS Sponsorship

KHS supports grass roots cycling and cyclists through its RACER programme. It also supports professional athletes such as mountain biker Logan Binggeli, cyclocross racer Craig Spencer, and road racer Fabrizio Von Nacher.

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