Lapierre Cycling products


About Lapierre

Lapierre is a French brand of bike, and is one that stands out from the crowd. This is because so many European brands that are available today built their reputations on road racing, particularly at the three Grand Tours. Lapierre has had success in that arena too, but it pursued the sport of mountain biking first. In fact it was one of the first European bike manufacturers to recognise the growing the popularity of mountain bikes in the 1980s.

Today the company has an extensive range of bikes developed and manufactured through a process that involves the road, trail, and mountain. It is a typically French brand, but you’re just as likely to see a Lapierre careering down a mud strewn and rocky path as you are on a sprint finish on a stage of the Tour de France.

Lapierre was founded in 1946 and followed a traditional route through its first few decades. Then the mountain bike revolution arrived, which Lapierre wholeheartedly embraced. It got involved in road racing then in 1993. This was the same year that the company was bought by its current owners, Accell.

Today it produces a wide range of bikes and it is still involved extensively in the sport of cycling, picking up mountain bike race wins and Grand Tour stage wins every year. This helps to maintain the brand profile of Lapierre but it also helps to continually develop the technology that they create.

Range Of Lapierre Bikes

Lapierre makes bikes for all kinds of riders including competitive athletes, commuters, leisure riders, and those who want to cycle to keep fit. There are different models to suit all levels of budget, but they are all technically advanced and well built. They look good too.

The options and models in the range are below. You can also get custom built mountain bikes or road bikes if you want something unique or specific.

Here are the main options:

Mountain bike - gravity, enduro, trail, cross country, and sport. You can also get kids' mountain bikes and tandem models if you want to hit the trails as a pair. Specially designed mountain bikes for women are also available.

Road - the road bikes from Lapierre include race models, endurance, sport, fitness, and cyclocross. There are also women's models and tandem options.

Lifestyle - this category of bike is for people who live with their bike every day, using it for getting to work, getting around, or for leisure. The models include commuters, trekking bikes, and city bikes.

Overvolt - the Overvolt range of Lapierre bikes feature electronic motors for pedal assistance. They are available in mountain bike and road bike options.

Lapierre Sponsorship

Competition and supporting the top cyclists in the world has been an essential part of Lapierre for decades. They have had many successes down through the years, and today they support Team Lapierre Gravity Republic and Nicolas Vouilloz Enduro, both of which compete in mountain bike disciplines.

Lapierre is also involved in road racing through its sponsorship of Team FDJ. They are a UCI World Tour team who competes at the highest level in the sport.