Linus Cycling products


About Linus

Other bike manufacturers produce fantastic machines designed for sport, fitness, and recreation. There is a focus on performance and function, with technical innovation being the name of the game. Linus do things slightly differently. They make bikes for living with. Their bikes are designed for all those little journeys that we make every day - to see a friend, to take the commute to work, to go to the shop for bread and milk. Linus bikes are for hopping onto whatever you are wearing, wherever you are going.

The inspiration for the range comes from European bike designs from the 1950s and 1960s. In particular Linus looked to the French style of bike from that era. It was a time when the bike was at least as common on the streets of Paris as the car, and for most people a bike was an essential part of their life. This is what Linus is trying to emulate - they want to be known as the utilitarian city bike.

The bikes in the range therefore have simple designs but they are elegant and, in some cases, impossibly beautiful. They have clean, straight lines and simple, gorgeous colors. Plus there are no boisterous or unseemly decals - just simple, unobtrusive logos.

All Linus bikes are well-built, with modern components that offer impressive reliability. The company is based in California in the US.

Linus is a bike brand that is as much about fashion as it is function so there is an extensive range of accessories available too. This includes a vast range of saddle bags and carriers that look fantastic, as well as a number of different saddle options and other bike accessories.

Range Of Linus Bikes

Linus bikes are designed for comfort and style. They therefore have a generally upright riding position with comfortable saddles. Most of the range has features like leather grips and chromoly frames. There are stripped down single speed models with coaster brakes, as well as models that come with up to eight speed gears. There are options for men and women with many featuring luggage racks for practicality, and a low step through for easy mounting. There are even some models with fat tires for use on uneven and lose surfaces. Most of the gearing mechanisms on Linus bikes are from Shimano.

As Linus is a lifestyle brand of bikes the accessories that are available are almost as important as the bikes themselves. The saddle bags and carriers come in a range of stylish designs including genuine leather, wax canvas, and wicker. You can also buy accessories like cycle racks and chain guards if they don't come with your bike as standard, and there is a range of saddle colors and styles to choose from. Some of the saddles have springs for extra cushioning. You can also get leather grips and other bike accessories, like headlamps.

Finally, there is a range of Linus branded clothing and apparel.

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