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M1 Cycling products


M1 Sporttechnik Bikes

Short History The M1-Sporttechnik GmbH was founded in 1989 and is a subsidiary of the international Fritzmeier-Group, a technology group headquartered in Großhelfendorf on the south-side of Munich with a total of eight production factories and four corporations in ten countries

The company reflects a long history of sports technology innovations within the Fritzmeier-Group: An important milestone for example, was the development of the first skis made entirely of plastic. During the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Rosi Mittermaier won two gold medals in the downhill race and the slalom and a silver medal in the giant slalom with these skies.

After this athletic success Fritzmeier decided to co-found Mistral, whose surfboards are still familiar to many people today. With these surfboards Mistral joined the Olympics for the first time.

The time finally came in 1994. M1-Sporttechnik introduced a new product segment: The legendary mountain bike “MAGMA RED HOT“ is born. It features a revolutionary carbon monocoque-frame. The development of the carbon parts took more than two years and included countless test drives and prototypes. The results do not only convince bike lovers. The bike combines functionality and passion in a professional manner that commands a great deal of attention and achieves sensational successes.

In 2012 M1-Sporttechnik introduces innovative technology to the customers again with the relaunch of the upgraded MAGMA and the market introduction of additional high-tech-bikes. In addition to the timeless “pure” version of the MAGMA and its new carbon siblings SEDAN (MTB 29`er) and SECEDE (a separable urban bike), the product selection includes other versions, such as Pedelec (25 km/h) and S-Pedelec (45 km/h) up to the future all-wheel drive E-bike.

Due to the carbon competency within the Fritzmeier-Group, especially derived from the most current automobile developments for E-mobility, all M1-bikes were coordinated optimally with regard to their stiffness, shock absorption, weight and endurance and in addition they also feature unique colorful and attractively shaped designs. The carbon frame-material used provides the best combination of weight and durability and ensures that the M1 E-bikes also penetrate a weight segment, which up to recently, was reserved for the conventional bikes.

The M1- Pedelecs and E-Bikes feature outstanding and very high-performance drive technologies with sensor control, which enables a smooth transition from pedaling to electronic acceleration. The soft engagement of the electric engine with its powerful performance puts a smile on the faces of even the most dynamic and athletic cyclist!

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