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About Marin

Marin County is an area that is hugely popular with cyclists, particularly mountain bikers. It has varied terrain offering up well-known trails and locations that are yet to be explored. It is in this location that the founders of Marin Bikes, passionate riders themselves, decided to set up their new company.

That was in 1986, and while Marin Bikes is now under different ownership, it remains in Marin County. In fact its current headquarters is in a building that once housed the recording studio and offices for the band the Grateful Dead.

Understanding Marin County is important to understanding Marin Bikes. Everything that they have done is influenced by the cycling culture and sense of outdoor adventure which is prevalent in the area. The bikes they produce are high quality, robust, and attractive, but they are also built for real cyclists, so they are fun to ride.

The soul of the company belongs to mountain biking, and it has a highly respected selection of mountain bikes in its range. It also sponsors professional mountain bike cyclists and teams. However, the range also includes other styles, including road bikes, cyclocross machines, and commuter bikes.

Range Of Marin Bikes

Marin Bikes has always been focused on designing bikes that enhance the experience of riders. The culture of the company and the people involved in it are demonstrations of this. For example, one of the founding members of Marin Bikes was Joe Murray, a legendary and pioneering mountain biker in the 1980s.

Today they have a broad range of bikes which they group into categories titled mountain bikes, drop bar bikes, cyclocross, and pavement bikes. In addition there are also special edition bikes, like the 30th anniversary Pine Mountain trail hardtail machine, and the Four Corners touring / commuter bike.

The main range of bikes includes:

Mountain bikes - enduro, trail, race, and sport. There are several options in each category, including 27.5" and 29" wheels. All are built tough to handle mountains, trails, and cross-country adventures, whether you are a competitive cyclist or a weekend enthusiast. Frame sets are also available.

Drop bar bikes - these are Marin's range of road bikes. While there are traditional road bike options in this category, the range still has one eye on the trail. They even have a sub category called Beyond Road. The other sub categories are Utilitour (touring bikes), urban (commuters), race, and endurance. Again, frame sets are available too.

Cyclocross - a range of cyclocross bikes for all styles of riding. This includes the specialised cyclocross Cortina models as well as other bikes designed for men, women, and children.

Pavement bikes - leisure and commuter bikes with sub categories Metro, Speed Commute, Urban, City Sport, Comfort, and Dual Sport.

Marin Sponsorship

Marin Bikes has been involved in off-road biking disciplines for many years. Today they are main sponsors of the Marin Rabobank Enduro Team which includes riders who specialize in enduro, downhill, cross country, and more.

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