Masi Cycling products


About Masi

The story of Masi Bikes is a complicated one that is full of intrigue, passion, technical innovation, Italian flair, and brutal business realities. It starts in the 1950s in Milan, Italy at the world famous Vigorelli Velodrome. Under the velodrome there was a workshop where the Masi family manufactured bikes. The company was led by Faliero Masi and, later, his son, Alberto Masi.

In 1973 expansion plans were put into action. Alberto stayed in Milan to run the existing shop and his father went to California to set up a US operation. Soon the Masi brand became firmly established in the US, and the production facilities where turning out high quality bikes. Faliero returned to Italy.

Before he left, however, he sold the rights to the Masi name to American investors. A falling out followed and then a split, leaving Masi Bikes still operational from its base in California, and Faliero and Alberto Masi, who lent their family name to the company, producing bikes under different brand names in Italy.

It is an interesting history but it’s not as interesting as the range of bikes that the company currently produces. From its base in Vista, Californian, it makes a range of bikes that cover leisure cyclists up to some of the best known names in the sport.

It doesn't sponsor any teams directly but it does support the sport of cycling at a number of different levels. However it is best known for its finely engineered and technically advanced bikes.

Range Of Masi Bikes

Evoluzione Series - high performance road bikes built for racing. They feature carbon fiber frames, Masi's Total Overdrive System, over sized chains and many other features designed to help you ride faster, whether on the flat, in descent or going uphill.

• Vivo Series - high performance bikes built for endurance riders. They are machines that can be comfortably ridden all day with light, carbon fiber frames, disc brakes, and a number of other technical innovations and features.

Performance - high quality road bikes, with specifications for both men and women. They are durable, comfortable to ride, and quick.

Cross - designed for competitive riding on tracks with multiple types of terrain. Carbon and aluminum frame options are available.

Speciale Series - stunning, classically designed road bikes in a range of styles

Strada Vita - commuter and urban bikes built to the same levels of quality as other Masi options. They have a number of excellent technical features, but come in at a lower price point than the more competition-orientated options.

Fixed - throwback bikes for purists who love the connection between rider, machine and road that only a fixed gear bike can deliver. The range comes in several attractive designs.

Masi Sponsorship

Masi doesn't broadcast its sponsorship arrangements, and it doesn't have any high visibility teams or riders on its books. It does offer sponsorships though, with some of cycling biggest names known to have ridden Masi bikes. This includes Fausto Coppi and Eddy Merckx.