Mongoose Cycling products


Bike Products Inc. and the First Mongoose

Mongoose is a name that has been entwined with the world of BMX cycling for a long time now. In 1974, Skipp Hess decided to start making BMX bike products out of his home on the Simi Valley California. BMX Products Inc. was born.

Skipp had been working as a design consultant for many years for car companies. When he saw the local kids performing jumps on their bikes, it occurred to him that an alloy wheel would be stronger, more capable of dealing with the stresses of being jumped and thrown around. He looked into things further to see if any of his contacts in the automobile industry were linked to the cycling industry but came up with nothing; no one was interested in building bike wheels.

There was only one thing for it – start building them himself. His first stand out product was the MotoMag One wheel, a unique aluminium alloy wheel with characteristic honeycomb style cut-outs made them the coolest wheels on the block in the late seventies.

In 1975, the first Mongoose BMX bike was produced and in just a year it had become a top seller and one of the coolest names in BMX.

BMX was taking off the world over, along with skateboarding and other extreme urban sports. Competitions were getting bigger and bigger aided by the support and sponsorship of BMX Products Inc. Pretty soon Mongoose bikes were being ridden by some of the most talented riders in the world.

Mountain Biking burst on to the scene in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and BMX Products was there to provide gear to the budding rider. Developing a range of bike products for all types of terrain gave rise to a new company mantra: “You can do anything on a Mongoose.”

In 2001, BMX Products Inc. merged with Pacific Cycle and has since expanded, effectively forming two sets of products, those for the professional and high performance rider, and those for entry level riders, marketed in department stores the world over.

Mongoose Range of Products

The name Mongoose can be found on a massive number of bikes and bike products throughout the world, with a focus on creating a bike to suit any rider, regardless of age or experience.

Mongoose BMX bikes can still be seen ridden by elite BMX riders to this day, and are also available in department stores and affordable entry level options for kids and young riders.

Mongoose has since expanded to producing their own line of mountain bikes covering all disciplines from downhill full suspension models, to hardtail and dirt jumpers.

Staying true to their mantra, they now offer a number of different models suited to the urban road cyclist, from hybrid commuters to entry level road cycling machines.

Mongoose Sponsorship

To this day, Mongoose continues to support the community of recreational and competitive bike riders. You can see some of the best BMX and mountain bike riders in the world with Mongoose plastered proudly on their down tube.

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