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Norco, truly Canadian

Norco Bicycles was founded in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The brand started with a simple vision, to build better bikes and since 1964, this is exactly what Norco has been doing. From being one of the first North American companies to deliver ten-speed drivetrains to then adding suspension forks to their frames, Norco bikes have been built to handle whatever is thrown at them.

With a long history of producing class leading bicycles, the experience of the ride is very important to Norco, and to create the very best experience, the brand makes and lives by three promises: listen, innovate and ride.

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Technological innovations are key goals for bike companies to develop. Norco bikes are created through constant design and innovation and its history has allowed the development of a wide range of features.

Gravity Tune

Gravity Tune system optimizes the brand's mountain bike geometry to make a more balanced ride for all riders regardless of size. Using a fixed ratio between the length of the front of the bike and the length of the rear over all sizes of frames, Norco’s Gravity Tune ensures that when the rider is standing, their weight is always optimally distributed.


Standing for Applied Ride Compliance, this technology is built into the range of road bikes. There is an ARC Endurance and an ARC Race, each with specifically optimized compliance. The race ARC has a stiffer frame with more emphasis on power transmission, while the endurance versions have optimized frames that deliver more stability and comfort for longer rides.

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Norco’s large range of bikes caters for many different riding disciplines and many types of roads or trails.

Mountain bike

Norco’s mountain bikes are well known for excellent ride qualities while covering a number of ride disciplines. Options are available in both hardtail and dual suspension configurations and with aluminium and carbon framed versions. Bikes in the mountain bike category will follow two numerical hierarchies, those with a ‘7’ in their name will have 650b or 27.5" wheels and a ‘9’ refers to 29er wheels.

Popular Norco mountain bike models include:

  • Storm: entry-level hardtail
  • Charger: cross country hardtail
  • Revolver: competitive cross country and marathon
  • Fluid: entry-level dual suspension
  • Optic: trail dual suspension
  • Sight: Aggressive trail and all-mountain dual suspension
  • Range: Enduro dual suspension
  • Aurum: downhill

Road, Cyclocross and Gravel

Norco also produces several road bikes that vary from the endurance-focused Valence models to the do-it-all Search. If you seek a cyclocross bike with a little race pedigree, then the Threshold range could be for you.


There's also a great range of city and recreational bikes to help you get around in built-up areas. So, if you ride on smooth paths or bike lanes and you’re looking for a commuter bike to get to work, check out the range of VFR, XFR and Indie flat bar, hybrid and city bikes.

Along with the city bikes, Norco produces bikes for dirt and skate parks, as well as a range of kid’s bikes.

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