Orbea Cycling products


Much like many other rival manufacturers in the Basque region of Spain, Orbea was first established in 1880 as a firearm manufacturer. The close of the WWI saw the Basque company switch focus 180 degrees from firearms to bikes.

As a company, Orbea faced the same economic difficulties as many other businesses in Spain from the 1940s through to the 1970s. In 1969, on the brink of bankruptcy, something needed to be done, workers within the company banded together, purchased the scuttled manufacturer and Orbea has remained a cooperative ever since.

Fast forward to the present day and Orbea has grown to be Spain's largest manufacturer of bikes, committed to innovating and creating the best possible cycling experience for everyone from the casual cyclist to the professional racer.

Orbea Bikes

Orbea offers an extensive range of bikes, for more information on the various styles and disciplines catered to, head on over to our dedicated Orbea bike page.

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