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About Pedego

Pedego is an American brand of electric bikes, and it is a relatively new brand. Its biggest market is in the US, but it is a growing brand and has started to expand into other parts of the world.

The company was founded in 2009 in California by two entrepreneurs, Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, who set out to make electric bikes that would give people more freedom and encourage more people to take up cycling.

Pedego bikes are designed to help people to do things like take on hills and ride into headwinds. According to the company, this makes cycling feel like it did when you were a child, as you don't return from your trip sweaty and exhausted.

The bikes produced by Pedego have a distinctive style that is designed for comfortable riding and good looks. There are also models designed for off-road cycling and [transporting goods] and there is even a tandem bike in the range. But Pedego bikes are not just for casual riding and staying fit. The Los Angeles Police Department has a fleet of Pedego Interceptor bikes with 48-volt batteries.

Pedego is also involved in a number of other ventures designed to get people cycling while offering people an alternative, green form of transport. This includes its partnership with Ford. Ford approached Pedego to set up a partnership as part of their commitment to creating low-emission vehicles. Pedego electric bikes have zero emissions, so it was the perfect fit. The resulting bike is the Ford Super Charger.

Pedego continues to innovate and change the way people think about cycling, producing bikes made for modern living that can be ridden by anyone.

Range of Pedego Bikes

The first Pedego bikes to be released were the comfort cruisers. They have been updated since the early models and remain some of the most popular electric bikes on the market. They have distinctive retro styling and bright paintwork and are designed for comfort and style.

The Interceptor was one of the next bikes released by Pedego. It has large balloon tires and an upright seating position. It is designed for riding on the road or on the beach.

Other popular models in the Pedego range are the city commuters. These deliver similar casual riding positions and styles to the other cruisers but have a more modern design.

Pedego also produces a range of specialist models, including:

• Ridge Rider - an electric mountain bike

Stretch - a bike with a longer wheel base giving more space for carrying passengers or goods

Boomerang- an accessible bike with an ultra-low step through designed for people who struggle to lift their leg high enough to mount a bike with a traditional frame

Tandem - an electric bike for two people

Some of the features that are included on select Pedego models include LCD displays, USB charging ports for phones, and lights.

Pedego Sponsorship

In 2014, Pedego sponsored rider Cathy Rogers as she rode an Interceptor bike from one American coast to the other.