Pure City Cycling products


About Pure City

Pure City is a range of stylishly designed city and commuter bikes from the Californian company Pure Fix Cycles. The company began in 2013 producing fixies - fixed gear bikes. They quickly established a large following in this niche part of the cycling community, and looked to extend their range. That's when the Pure City brand was formed.

They offer a number of bikes in the range, all of which come with the relaxed, fashionable styling that people have come to love with Pure Fix bikes. They are built for casual, everyday riding, where being on your bike becomes as natural as walking. This means they have comfortable riding positions, cushioned and sprung seats, and luggage racks, as well as chain covers and fenders to protect your clothes.

The main difference between the Pure City range and the main range from Pure Fix Cycles is gears. The Pure City range of bikes comes with either three- or eight-speed configurations. This makes them a more practical option, particularly when you have a hill to climb on your way to the beach or the coffee shop.

The philosophy of the Pure City range is the same as the philosophy set out by the company’s founders (four childhood friends) when they started – to make a range of affordable but fashionable bikes that could be ridden by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. There is therefore a huge emphasis placed on the style of the bike; however, they are also well built, and so last a long time.

Range Of Pure City Bikes

There are several models of bike in the Pure City range, all in different styles and colors. The colors are bright, and the company is not afraid of using contrasts. The models have names such as Crosby, Bourbon, Abbey, Vine, Brewster, Arroyo, William, and Meriwether. There are some similarities between the models, though, such as the seats, fenders, and chain guards, which have already been mentioned. In addition, each model has swept-back handlebars, and most have the option of either three or eight speeds.

The bikes also come in a choice of sizes. The exact size depends on whether the model is designed for a male or female rider, but there are options to suit people of all heights. Many of the models have a low step-through frame to make getting on and off the bike as easy as possible.

In addition, there are also a few beach cruiser models which come with balloon tires, single-speed gears, and coaster brakes.

As well as bikes, you can also buy a range of Pure City parts and accessories. This includes bike parts as well as helmets, saddle bags, and apparel.

Pure City Sponsorship

Pure City makes casual bikes for leisure riding, so it is not involved in the sport of cycling. It is strongly committed to community support, however, as well as supporting cycling and promoting it as a genuine and practical alternative to using a car. As a result, it supports a number of charities and organizations that promote cycling, including the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, Bike MS, and CicLAvia.