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Pure Cycles Cycling products


About Pure Fix

Four childhood friends started the bike company Pure Fix in 2013 in California. It was a challenging market to enter as the industry was consolidating at the time, and bike enthusiasts are known for staying loyal to well-known manufacturers who have been in the market for many decades. Pure Fix went after one particular niche, however, and they did it exceptionally well. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength.

That niche is the fixie bike, or fixed gear bike. This allowed Pure Fix to differentiate its offering from the competition, and compete on price - the gears of a modern bike are one of the most expensive components.

Pure Fix bikes are about so much more than that, though. The fixie style is incredibly fun to ride. You feel closer to the bike because the movement of your legs and feet is in direct connection with the spinning of the rear wheel. They are also more maneuverable, and they are lighter. They require a little more effort to get up hills as you can't change into an easier gear, but fixies are not bikes that are about performance - they are about the love of cycling in its purest forms.

On a Pure Fix fixie, it is also about doing it in style. Their range of bikes is truly stunning, with a retro design, modern components, and comfortable riding position. Plus, they are really easy to maintain because they do not have many parts. This also keeps prices low.

Since Pure Fix launched they have introduced another range of bikes with gears, called Pure City. The soul of the company remains with its fixies, though.

Range Of Pure Fix Bikes

There is a wide range of styles in the Pure Fix range. The bikes also come in various sizes, so you can get a model that suits your size and shape. The majority have hi-ten steel frames and front radius brakes. Rear wheel brakes are not standard but can be added after. It is also not unusual to find Pure Fix bikes with no brakes at all. People often take the brakes off because they prefer the way the bike looks without them. They stop simply by peddling backwards.

Key models for Pure Fix are Bravo, Quebec, Romeo, and Micro

This is one of the features of a fixie bike - when you peddle forwards, the bike moves forwards, and when you peddle backwards, the bike moves back. This is why peddling backwards helps you slow down but for some people there is a downside to the setup – you have to peddle all the time. There is no coasting on a standard fixie configuration. Pure Fix bikes overcome this as they have a flip-flop hub, which means you can coast if you want to.

In terms of colors, there is a wide selection of interesting combinations to choose from. They also have an innovative selection of glow-in-the-dark options.

Pure Fix Sponsorship

Pure Fix is involved in making bikes for casual and leisure cycling, so they are not involved in traditional cycling sport sponsorship. They do, however, support a number of initiatives and organizations that promote cycling, or use cycling events to raise money for charity.