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Rubber Ducky Cycling products


Rubber Ducky Sunscreen

SunscreenSurf is a family-owned and operated Distributor Company representing Traditional Sunscreens and Chemical free all-natural Sunscreens.. Rubber Ducky has quietly lead the sunscreen industry in development, first with SPF, then paba/paraben free, then with waterproof product, manufacturing under a variety of names. Now with 100% natural and biodegradable product, we've consolidated all the branding under Rubber Ducky. SunscreenSurf represents brands that are consumer safe and effective sun protection products. Products that are reef safe, fishing well safe, and safe for all water environments. Rubber Ducky products go on clear, clean, and dry, and stays on during water sports, Cycling, running, and all other athletic activities. SunscreenSurf and Rubber Ducky believes that sunscreen should be: 100% Natural 100% Chemical Free 100% Biodegradable Hypoallergenic Safe for Children and sensitive skin Water Resistant Rubber Ducky SPF 50 Zinc/Titanium Naturally tinted crème has passed every test with SPF 50 or higher ratings including both the 8 hour US water Resistance Test and the 4 Hour Australian Water Resistance test, the 2 toughest tests in the world for sunscreen performance. Rubber Ducky Sunscreen also rates Zero in FDA skin irritation test.

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