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About Salsa

Salsa Cycles is an American mountain bike manufacturer. It has been involved in developing top level mountain bike machines since the style first started evolving, and it has always pushed the boundaries of technology. In both competitive mountain biking and adventure cycling, it has always been unconstrained by the perceived norms. As a result, its bikes are highly sought after, among professional cyclists and serious mountain bikers alike.

The company was started by the famous bike builder Ross Shafer. In the late 1970s he built custom frames and worked for a number of bike shops before going to work for Santana Cycles. That was in 1981, the year that he built his first off-road bike. He decided to go out on his own and focus on the emerging mountain bike style. In 1982 he founded Salsa Cycles.

The company has changed and developed over the years. Today it is owned by Quality Bicycle Products, the large Minnesota-based distributer of bikes, parts, and accessories. It still stays true to its mountain bike roots, though, producing a range of bikes in different mountain biking styles plus parts, accessories, and clothing.

It is also involved in the sport of mountain biking, supporting a number of riders. Salsa also supports adventure riders, endurance specialists, and travel writers who use bikes.

Range Of Salsa Bikes

The Salsa Cycles range of mountain bikes includes an option for every eventuality. This includes full suspension bikes, fatbikes, hardtails, and 700cc models. Even the names of the various models demonstrate a sense of adventure. Here are some of the highlights from the range:

Fargo - an off-road hardtail adventure bike with a drop bar and a cromoly frame

Cutthroat - this is also a hardtail, drop bar adventure bike but the geometry and components have been tweaked to give it more speed

Deadwood - this has all the off-roading capability of the Fargo but it has a 29+ wheel size and three-inch tires, so can roll over anything

Horsethief - Salsa describes the Horsethief as its “any single-track trail in the world” bike. It is a full suspension 29er with 130mm of front travel.

Spearfish - the Spearfish is also a full suspension mountain bike that is designed for ultra-endurance riding.

Bucksaw - Salsa makes a number of fatbikes but this is the only one with full suspension

Marrakesh - the Marrakesh is one of several touring mountain bikes in the range. It comes in a drop bar or flat bar configuration and has features to assist long-haul riding.

Salsa also makes a tandem bike called the Powderkeg.

Salsa Sponsorship

Salsa takes a different approach to sponsorship from that of most bike manufacturers. It does the normal stuff of sponsoring athletes such as Andrea Cohen and the endurance rider Danielle Musto. It doesn’t restrict its sponsorship to athletes, however.

Salsa is a brand that is also passionate about adventure cycling, where the journey is the most important part of the trip and it doesn't really matter who gets there first. It therefore sponsors a number of adventurers, writers, and outdoor enthusiasts who share its love of mountain biking.

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