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Santa Cruz Cycling products


About Santa Cruz

Founded in 1993 by 3 mountain bike enthusiasts, Santa Cruz first rocked the world of mountain biking with their first single pivot, full suspension model - the Tazmon. The brand motto at the time was "Simply Advanced," and the Tazmon embodied just that.

Today, they continue to push the envelope with 16 mountain bike models under the Santa Cruz brand, as well as a line of high-end women's mountain bikes sold under the Juliana range. Santa Cruz models range from hardtails, or models with no rear suspension, to full suspension bikes with 8.5” of travel – the perfect ride for downhill racers.

All Santa Cruz bikes are made to exacting standards, and many high-end models are still assembled by hand in California. So if you’re looking for a quality bike that really is made in America, this is the brand for you.

Range of Santa Cruz Bikes

The Santa Cruz lineup includes an option for all types of mountain bike riders. Wheel sizes range from 27.5" to 29ers, and include both hardtail and full suspension options.

Full suspension models have travels ranging from 100mm to a whopping 216mm:

  • Superlight (100mm, 27.5" or 29")
  • Tallboy (110mm, 27.5+ or 29")
  • 5010 (130mm, 27.5" wheels)
  • Hightower (135mm, 27.5+ or 29")
  • Bronson (150mm, 27.5")
  • Heckler (150mm, 27.5")
  • Nomad (165mm, 27.5")
  • V10 (216mm, 27.5")

Santa Cruz also offers a range of hardtail models:

  • Highball (27.5" or 29")
  • Chameleon (27.5")
  • Jackal (26")

In addition to bikes, Santa Cruz also sells a number of components. These include bars, flat bars, and grips.

Santa Cruz Sponsorship

Santa Cruz sponsors the famed Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill team, as well as numerous other elite cross country, cyclocross, downhill, and enduro riders.

Want to find a great mountain bike for any style of riding? Check out our full line of Santa Cruz bikes here at BikeExchange and get a great deal on a new or used Santa Cruz bike today.

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