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About Schwinn

Schwinn is an American brand that makes casual bikes for adults and children. It is one of the oldest brands of bike in the US with a history that goes back over 100 years. For a period over its history it was the dominant bike brand in the country. It doesn't hold that position any longer, but it still produces a good quality range of respected and affordable bikes.

For many people the Schwinn brand is one that is steeped in nostalgia. One of its most famous models - the kid's Sting-Ray bike - was the bike that every child wanted to own in the late 1960s. Its iconic ape-hanger handlebars and banana seat were copied by many other manufacturers after they saw Schwinn's success.

The company was founded in 1895 in Chicago by a mechanical engineer who was born in Germany - Ignaz Schwinn. The company survived many ups and downs, including the introduction of the car, the war years, and the depression. By the 1950s it was a leading bike brand in the US, but by the late 1970s things were getting difficult. The company eventually went bankrupt in 1992.

The brand name passed through a number of owners over the following years, including Schwinn/GT, which also went bankrupt in 2001. The Schwinn brand was then purchased by the current owners, Pacific Cycle, Inc. This company is part of Dorel Industries and it also owns a number of other bike brands, including Cannondale, [GT Bicycles](/s/-/gt and Mongoose.

The Schwinn brand has been revived under the current ownership and it is becoming a household name in bikes again. The range is comprehensive and covers all styles of bike for the leisure and casual cyclist.

Range Of Schwinn Bikes

• [Cruisers ])/s?query=schwinn%20cruisers) - stylish bikes with comfortable seating positions and cushy seats. Most have swept-back handlebars for an even more upright riding position, and there are plenty of options with step-through frames. Most come with luggage racks and there are some unique options, including the Town & Country three-wheeler, and the Tango Tandem.

Hybrid - a range of fitness-orientated bikes that are comfortable and capable on the road or on off-road paths. This range has more of a focus on speed than the cruiser or bike path range, with flat handlebars and a more fitness-orientated riding position.

• Bike path - a selection of bikes designed to handle varied terrain. Most come with luggage racks and have flat bar handle bars. There are also options with low step-through frames.

Mountain bike - solid and durable bikes designed for off-road riding. There are options with or without suspension, and the range includes the well-known and popular Rocket models of mountain bike.

Urban - this is Schwinn's range of city and commuter bikes that are both stylish and comfortable to ride

Kids - a range of bikes for children of all sizes and riding abilities

In addition to its range of bikes, Schwinn also supplies cycling accessories including helmets, pumps, lights, and storage.

Schwinn Sponsorship

Schwinn supports a number of community initiatives but is not involved in any sport sponsorships.

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