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Scott Cycling products



About Scott

Scott is a sports equipment manufacturer whose range includes ski gear, running gear, and motorbike equipment. It also makes a wide range of bicycles, and has led the way in many aspects of cycling technology. It is heavily involved in the sport of cycling, sponsoring several teams and riders, and its bikes are enjoyed by casual riders, serious cyclists, and competition athletes alike.

The full name of the company is Scott Sports and its headquarters is in Switzerland. Today it is probably best known for its bikes but when it was founded in 1958 its first product was a ski pole. The ski pole was made from aluminium that was tapered. It was revolutionary as it offered much higher performance than the existing steel and bamboo poles. This drive for innovation has been a hallmark of the Scott brand ever since.

In cycling their earliest breakthrough was in 1989 when the company gave the legendary American cyclist Greg Lemond the world's first clip on aero bar. This piece of equipment is now standard for time trial events, but it had never been seen before 1989. Lemond used the aero bar in the Tour de France of that year to put almost a minute on his closest rival, helping him to the Tour de France title.

Scott's other cycling milestones include the G-Zero, which was the world's lightest full-suspension bike when it was released in 1998. In 2001 they made the world's lightest bike frame. It was less than 1kg, and was used by Team Issue, a professional cycling team. Other innovations include the hugely popular and revolutionary Genius mountain bike, and the super-light Addict frame.

Many of Scott’s innovations in cycling and other sports were initially designed for competition, but they also make their way into their standard products so are enjoyed by cyclists all over the world.

Range of Scott Bikes

-Mountain bikes - including the Genius brand plus a range of other options suitable for casual up to professional riders. This is its largest category of bikes.

-Road bikes - Scott's road bikes are used by everyone from weekend enthusiasts to professional cycling teams. The extensive range includes Addict, Foil, Speedster, and many more.

-Cyclocross bikes - cyclocross bikes are available based on the Addict and Speedster frames

-City and urban bikes - for the more casual rider Scott offers a range of high quality city /urban bikes

-Electric bikes - powered bikes are offered under the E-Sub brand

-Trekking bikes - all terrain bikes for men and women

-Junior bikes - high quality bikes for children from 12 inches up to 24 inches

Scott Sponsorship

Scott sponsors a number of cycling teams and riders in multiple disciplines. This includes the Australian World Tour team Orica-Greenedge. They have picked up a number of stage wins in all three Grand Tours on Scott manufactured bikes.

Scott also sponsors the IAM Cycling World Tour team, as well as two mountain biking teams: Scott-Odlo MTB Racing; and Scott-3 Rox Racing. A number of world-class triathletes like Sebastian Kienle and Jodie Swallow also benefit from Scott sponsorship, bikes, and other equipment.

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