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About State Bicycle Co

State Bicycle mostly manufactures fixed gear and single-speed bikes in a range of styles. It is a company that is passionate about fixed gear cycling, and is heavily involved in the growing community. They have also pushed the industry forward in terms of technological development.

The company is relatively new - it was founded in Arizona in 2009 by three people who are described on the company's website as "cycling addicts". Since then it has become one of the best-known manufacturers in this still small but growing niche in the bike industry.

The range of fixed gear and single-speed bikes that they offer is one of the most extensive available, and includes options that most manufacturers haven't even thought of. This includes 29er, cyclocross and freestyle fixed gear bikes.

Recently, it has added a number of geared bikes to the range, but the core offering is about bikes with one gear, and the connection between rider and machine. It is a different style of bike riding to what most people are used to. Almost everyone these days grows up on a bike fitted with multiple gears that are designed to help you go up hills and maximize your speed on the flat / downhill parts of the ride.

Fixed gear and single-speed bikes are regarded as a purer form of cycling, though. There are fewer components, so there is less maintenance required. This also often makes them lighter and, in the eyes of many, more attractive.

The growing appeal of this style of riding has helped get State Bicycle to the position it enjoys today.

Range Of State Bicycle Co Bikes

The flagship range of bikes offered by State Bicycle is their fixed gear and single-speed range. Within that range there are a number of options, including the Chromoly steel Core Line. State Bicycle constantly updates the exact models and only produces each variation in a limited quantity, increasing their appeal. Some of the most popular models, however, get released under the Retro Reissue Series range.

Other models in the main fixed gear and single-speed range include the lightweight and agile Contender series, the aluminum framed Black Label series, and the premium Undefeated model.

State Bicycle also has what it calls an off-road division. In this category it produces a range of 29er mountain bikes under the Pulsar model name, as well as cyclocross bikes and fatbikes. The Pulsar mountain bikes also come in a 10-speed option.

A range of stylish city bikes is also available. These are attractively designed in a style that is similar to European city bikes.

Finally in the fixed gear range is the FGFS - fixed gear free style. This bike is built for doing tricks, freestyling, or just about anything else.

State Bicycle also sells a range of bike parts and accessories.

State Bicycle Sponsorship

State Bicycle is heavily involved in the fixed gear community. It is involved in a number of events, including organizing races and sponsoring riders. It also supports a number of cycling advocacy groups.

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