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Titan is a South African bike brand with a range that includes road bikes, mountain bikes, and children's bikes. The fact that it is from South Africa makes it stand out from the crowd, as most other bike companies are US or European based, with a handful in Asia too. Titan, however, has big ambitions.

It is a relatively new company as it was formed in 2008. The team that launched it were cycling professionals, though, with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. They have produced a range of bikes that are gaining in reputation and are getting noticed.

For example, Bicycling, one of the biggest cycling magazines in the world, said the Titan 29er Elite model was a bike that felt "ready to race".

The range of bikes from Titan is not as readily available as other brands. This is due to its base being in South Africa, and because it is a new bike brand. You will, however, find a good selection from the range here on Bike Exchange, the marketplace for everything bike.

Titan Product Range

Mountain bikes are the core product in the Titan range , and it offers a number of options to suit any style or type of rider. Those options include:

• 29er Full Suspension mountain bikes - a range of bikes with 29 inch wheels and Rock Shox rear suspension. The model range is called Sonic, and there are a number of variations: Sonic Pro, Sonic Comp, Sonic Expert, and Sonic Trail.

• 27.5 Plus mountain bikes - hardtail bikes with fatter than normal tires - up to 2.8 inches. The models include Plus Elite, Plus Expert, Plus Sport, and Plus Ryde.

• 29er mountain bikes - hardtail 29ers that come in a range of different configurations. The models include 29R Pro, 29R Elite, 29R Comp, 29R Expert, 29R Trail, 29R Sport, 29R Cruz, 29R Ryde, and 29R Peak.

• 650B mountain bikes - a range of mountain bikes with 27.5 inch wheels. The models include 650B Ryde, 650B Calypso Trail, 650B Calypso Sport, 650B Calypso Cruz, and 650B Calypso Ryde.

• 26er mountain bikes - the 26R Nova and 26R Calypso Nova both have 26 inch wheels.

Titan also offers a range of road bikes, although there are fewer models than in the mountain bike range. The road bikes all come under the brand name Stryker and are made from lightweight aluminium frames. The individual models include Stryker Comp, Stryker Expert, Stryker Sport, Stryker Calypso Sport, Stryker Ryde, and Stryker Calypso Ryde.

A range of children's bikes is also available with 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch models.

Titan Sponsorship

Titan has taken steps forward in terms of its technical innovation, but it is not yet involved in competitive or professional cycling. It, therefore, does not support any cycling teams or riders through sponsorship.