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Token Cycling Products for Sale

Token is a manufacturer of high performance bike components. It is a company that is heavily invested in research and development, seeking to squeeze as much performance out of every part and bike feature as possible. They use state-of-the-art materials to make their products and test them using the latest testing technology and machines. Once the product passes these tests, it is given to professional cyclists to use to see how it performs in the real world under arduous conditions.

The results are products that perform exceptionally well while also being durable. For this reason, they are not the cheapest bike components you will find on Bike Exchange or anywhere. That is not the point though—Token bike components are not designed to be cheap. Of course the company works to keep costs down as much as possible, but the focus is on making products that last longer, go faster, and that are more pleasurable to use.

There are currently a number of innovative products in the range, including Token’s TFT Tiramic bearings. These are bearings with both ceramic and stainless steel balls that are manufactured to ABEC 5 standards and run on stainless steel races. This all means they are smoother, rounder, and more durable than standard bearings.

All products in the Token range are made with the latest manufacturing processes and cutting edge technologies. This includes weapons grade machining, patented seals, and AVT, a material that is eight times stronger than steel. Many components in the range are also UCI approved. Every Token product comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.

Token Product Range

You will find a wide range of Token components and products for sale on Bike Exchange. The range includes:

  • Wheels - road bike and mountain bike wheels plus hubs and accessories
  • Bottom brackets - road bike and mountain bike bottom brackets plus accessories
  • Headsets - road bike and mountain bike headsets plus accessories
  • Components - drivetrains, saddles, seat posts, steering components, bottle cages, and more

The Token range is broken into five main categories - or collections:

  • Zenith - The most technically advanced parts for road bikes in the range. They are designed and manufactured for performance, i.e. being as fast as they can be.
  • Prime - Mid-level components for road bikes offering a balance of performance and durability.
  • Resolute - Components suitable for all levels of road bike rider, including beginners. These parts are durable and require little or no maintenance.
  • MTX - Premium and very light mountain bike components designed to make going up the mountain easier.
  • Vigilante - Mountain bike components built for going up and down mountains. They are not as light as the MTX range, but they are better at handling high-speed downhill riding.

Token Sponsorship

Token manufactures performance bike parts that are tested and used by professional cyclists. It does not publicize any official sponsorship or partnership arrangements, but it works closely with many of the world’s top riders to make their bikes as fast as possible.